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Did Rick Santorum Vote to Fund Planned Parenthood - partly true
Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum says he’s the only consistent conservative in the Republican presidential field, but a new Ron Paul campaign ad says the label is phony.<p> Paul’s ad calls Santorum a "counterfeit conservative" who, among other sins, "funded Planned Parenthood."<p> We decided to check whether Santorum, well known for his opposition to abortion and even contraception in some instances, supported government funding of the controversial women’s health provider.<p> ...<p> Our ruling <p> Paul’s ad says Santorum funded Planned Parenthood. <p> His campaign points to Santorum’s yea votes in the Senate on massive appropriations bills for funding the federal government. Title X funding, which funnels family planning dollars to health care providers including Planned Parenthood, was in those spending measures. Santorum has been unclear about where he stands on Title X, saying in one instance that he supports Title X and in another that he opposes it. <p> In any event, he did not vote separately for Title X but for omnibus multi-billion dollar appropriations measures that funded many other activities. Saying, as the ad does, that he "funded Planned Parenthood," makes it sound like he played a larger role than being one of many votes in favor of a broad-based appropriations bill. In 2006, for instance, he was joined by all but two of his Senate Republican colleagues in voting for the bill. Paul's statement is partially accurate but it leaves out that important context. We rate the claim Half True.

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