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Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:44
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1. While the video “Control Room” focuses on media and the 2nd Gulf War, what does it imply
about coverage of international issues in general?
The video “Control Room” is a documentary movie which challenges the audience regarding the truth about news reporting. The responsibility of the media in reporting and the authenticity of the news is the main focus in the movie. The movie follows the events unfolding at the Al Jazeera news network for the duration of the Iraqi war. It provides editing of information gathered and filtering of the same into news. The film focuses on the stereotyping that goes on behind the camera before information is eventually presented to the public as news. The different styles of reporting the same news by the Al Jazeera and an American Television in the documentary is proof that reporting on international issues by media houses is usually biased. There is no objectivity in reporting international issues as media houses tell half-truths or outright fabrications thereby misleading the public. In the course of the film it is also clear that media plays a major role in proliferating propaganda against those that the media perceive as ‘enemies’.
2. In the age of mass communication, what factors make it possible for affluent people to ignore
the plight of the world’s poor?
There is lack of useful information regarding the people who live in the developing countries which are mostly in the southern hemisphere. The leading multinational-owned media deliberate failure to report on the plight of the poor hence the affluent are not able to learn the extent of poverty thus making it hard for the affluent to contain the same. As such, the failure of the leading media corporations to report the plight of the poor in developing countries ensures that the rich continue to ignore the plight of the poor.
3. Describe the current relationship between food production, population, and food prices.
The quantity of food production is usually influenced by famine. This has been done before during the green revolution movement especially the developing world in a bid to prevent possible food shortage. However, the ever increasing human population threatens to derail the gains of food production that have been achieved through the green revolution. This strategy is meant to displace people living in rural areas and use of machinery to increase food production in order to keep up with the food demands of the increasing population.
As the population grows against resources which are largely static it creates strain on the resources and the production level which generally remain the same fail to satisfy the needs of the population and the continued demand by the population as the supply remains the same. Food crisis is usually likely to occur in situations where the resources become overstretched. Consequently, when the supply of food is low, the food prices rise. As the population growth increase
Part Two
- Al-Jazeera-
This is a news corporation which is sponsored by the Qatari royal regime and situated in the Middle East to cover issues from the region and the world.
Cable News Network is an American international news corporation covering national and global issues.
- Poverty of News
This means lack of information regarding certain issues. This is used in the context of the youth lack of interest in news bulletin.
- Distancing
This means not wanting to be involved in an issue. For instance, the affluent continued overlooking of the information regarding the plight of the poor and not wanting to be involved.
- Confirmation bias
This phrase refers to the inclination of people to embrace information that validates their theories and beliefs. This is applicable in the context of journalists where the collect and focus on evidence that confirms their preconceived theories.
- Market journalism
This refers to the critical role of journalists and intellectuals to condemn the rising economic disparities and suggesting possible solutions to social inequalities.
- Green Revolution
The green revolution relates to the programs introduced in a bid to increase food production and ensure food security. Such programs were initiated after forecasts showed the possibility of famine in the impending years.
- Norman Borlaug
Borlaug was an American citizen who advocated for the intensification of crop production as a way to curtail deforestation.
IRRI stands for the International Rice Research Institute. A universal independent institution that focuses on training and research on new varieties of rice and rice crop management in a bid to improve the living conditions of underprivileged rice farmers.
- “Agflation”
An increase in the food prices as a consequence of the increase in the demand from increased human consumption.

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