Wegmans Food Markets Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:39
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- What factors cause Wegmans employees to have high levels of job satisfaction? Explain.
Employees at Wegmans have high levels of job satisfaction. There are factors that result to this job satisfaction. First, the employees earn reasonable and satisfactory income. These wages range from hourly to annual salaries. This makes the employee feel motivated and acquire job satisfaction. Secondly, Wegmans also offers college scholarships to both full-time and part-time employees. This means that social and academic welfare. Employees in this Shopping store get assurance that they cannot be turned-over due to academic qualification. Third, the employees acquire a portion of the profit made, as a token of appreciation. This influences better performance by the employees. Their health issues acquire consideration since Wegmans offers a medical cover for all employees. This encourages the employees to feel catered for by the employer and hence remain potentially motivated.
- What types of satisfaction( from the value-percept Theory of job satisfaction) do Wegmans’ employees tend to experience
Value percept theory of job satisfaction refers to the level by which the job supplies things that one values. There are various types if job satisfaction in Value-Percept Theory of Job Satisfaction. First, there is satisfaction with the work itself. Employees in Wegmans express satisfaction through their unforced smiles. Secondly, there is co-worker satisfaction. In Wegmans stores, workers have a very admirable working environment that promotes good relations among them. Third, there is pay satisfaction. Wegmans incorporates good pay and even shares profits among the employees. They are able to acquire ample job satisfaction form the good payments. In addition, there are hourly and annual rates of payments that encourage better performance and commitment into the job. Forth, there is supervision satisfaction. There is a wonderful and encouraging relationship between the employees and their bosses. This makes the employees feel accommodated in their jobs.
- What characteristics (from the job characteristics Theory) can be used to describe jobs at Wegmans?
Jobs at Wegmans have several characteristics. First, they have a large extent of autonomy. Employees have the freedom and independence to carry out their activities. That is the employees are accrued full responsibility over their activities. This means that they are accountable for their work done. The employees have the freedom to make the customers happy or even make improvements in the store. Secondly, the job has task identity. Employees rank and have different classification according to the task they undertake in the Wegmans stores. Each employee undertakes a specific task within the store. Third, the jobs have their task significance. That is, the employees view the jobs as meaningful to them. Employment at Wegmans makes one to acquire a badge of honor. Forth, the jobs at Wegmans have feedback. That is, employees get rewards accordingly. A portion of profit disburses among them and the wages are still satisfactory.
- What differentiates Wegmans Food Markets from other grocery stores? Explain.
Wegmans Stores has virtually everything. In attempt to compare it with other stores, it is fun shopping at Wegmans since there are a wide variety of products. For example, there are 500 varieties of cheese, bookstores among other items. In addition to that, Wegmans extends customer service through sending Chefs to correct food-order mistake and even cook for people having domestic events. Besides, the customer service that one gets from the employees is practically different from the one that customers get from other stores. However, in attempt to make Wegmans a better place to work, Wegmans spends many funds on labor costs. Relating to other stores, labor cost range around 16% of the sales unlike other stores where they range around 12% of the sales.

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