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Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:55
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My State is Oklahoma and my representatives are all Republican. The Senior Senator is Jim Inhofe and the Junior Senator is Thomas Coburn. The Representative seat is held by Representative of District Five James Lankford. This paper shall briefly discuss the three gentlemen with a view of bringing out their biographies, campaign financing, voting record and interest groups that support them. Additionally, the paper shall discuss what I personally like about each of them, what I dislike and conclude by observing whether I would vote for each of them based on the information gathered.
Jim Inhofe
Jim Inhofe was born in November 17th 1934 in Des Moines. He has one wife and four children and is Presbyterian by religion. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. Before joining the Senate, Inhofe was a businessman working as a Land Developer. In 1957 to 1958, he served in the United States Army. Currently, he is the president of Quaker Life Insurance Company.
Inhofe’s campaign financing is mainly by the business players led by Boeing Company and Devon Energy. In total he raised in this financial period a total of $ 3,113,719 and has since spent $ 1,984,719. As is the case of most Republican senators, Inhofe has been on the side that shoots down most bills with an overwhelming number of nay votes in his name. However, in the bipartisan bills, he has often voted in their favour. Inhofe rates well among the Business and Commerce interest groups but fairs relatively poorly among rights interests groups.
Thomas Coburn
Born in March 14th 1948, he is married to one wife and has three children. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine from the University of Oklahoma Medical School and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from the Oklahoma State University. Coburn has worked in the Medical industry and still practices up to date. In addition, he is a former chair to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department of the Muskogee Regional Medical Center. The senator received most of its funding from Club for Growth and Emergent Biosolutions. In 2013, he raised a total of $ 2095979.00 and spent a total of $ 2829808.00. Coburn’s voting records indicate the common Republican opposition to Bills having more nays than all the representatives in this state. Coburn scores well among the prolife interests groups and general conservative interest groups including Americans for Legal Immigration. He ranks poorly among the liberal interest groups who have a leaning for Democrats.
James Lankford
Born in March 4th 1968, Lankford has one wife and two children. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education. Before his election in 2010, he had served between 1996 and 2009 as the Director of the Falls Creek Youth Camp. He received most of his funding during this ending financial period from Devon Energy and Blue Shield. In this financial period, he raised a total of $ 310,261 and has since spent $ 285,352. Like other Republican representatives, he has been voting yes in most bills in the House where they have the majority control. Lankford scores well among the Business and Consumer interest groups and Budgetary and Taxes interest groups.
I find Jim Inhofe’s position on abortion acceptable and the right thing. I like this for the reason that he is pro-life and believes that abortion should not be entertained for persons. This will lead to unnecessary killing of innocent unborn who equally have a right to life. In addition, I like Cuborn’s position on Guantanamo prison programs. His voting for the prohibition of the use of funds for the transfer or release of the detainees is an attempt to ensure accountability and transparency by the Democrat government. I also like the fact that both of the senators associated with Business and Consumer interest groups. The favourable ratings and the fact that it is businesses such as Devon Energy that fund them means they protect the American commercial system which is good for the overall growth of the economy. As to Lankford, I appreciate and like his position on business legislations. I also like his position against abortion which blends with my pro-life position.
However, I dislike their records on education legislation. Both Coburn and Inhofe have opposed the legislation to have welfare systems introduced in education. This is unacceptable. This is because they have not been steadfast in allowing for funding to help the less advantaged. It is essential to have the government provide a welfare system in education so as to avail education to the citizenry. In that regard, the failure to appreciate the issues despite the laid back Republican approach is regrettable and need to be corrected. As for Lankford, I dislike his opposition to bipartisan legislation.
Given the foregoing, I would retain all my representatives by voting them anytime. This is because, in overall, they have maintained their loyalty to their supporters, are often keen to protect the interests and wishes of their people and are, therefore, true representatives. However, despite voting for them, I urge that they adopt a bipartisan approach in critical issues especially those relating to matters of national importance such as education services being made affordable through provision of welfare services. In overall, I believe all the representatives add value to the American Senate and House of Representative and it is my expectation that overtime they would be even better players in the American political system.

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