Visual Impairment Course Work Sample

Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:24
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I participated in the first activity which involved travelling in the train. It was quite an interesting experience. Initially I had to make a conscious effort have a focused mind because a lot of thoughts were running through my mind. The guard announced the stops but because of my lapse in concentration, I barely heard all the stops. My only saving grace was that I was lucky to hear my own stop. Also, throughout the trip, I also had to battle with analysing all the different sound and noises around me to try and make sense of them. This also contributed to my distraction.

Watching the story of Elizabeth, one would not but notice the level of discomfort or inconvenience that visually impaired individual’s face in their daily life. One would realise that all the areas of their lives are affected by their condition. One would also realise the magnitude of difference that a little help will be f or their condition. Elizabeth is lucky to be able to use all those gadgets to get around. One could tell that her life has been improved tremendously by the aids she was able to get. Putting myself in the shoes of individuals with visual impairment, I realize that the condition can be quite distressing, especially if one is not able to get help, like Elizabeth did. One could become totally dependent on other people for the rest of one's life.

I hope that more organizations become involved in funding more research and aid for people with visual impairment so that a lot of individuals can still live near normal lives even though they are impaired by their sight.

Response to Jessica.

Well, for me, the train experience was different. My mind was occupied throughout the time, I was trying to concentrate because my mind was wondering. I hope a lot of visually impaired individuals are able to get around this problem because if not, then they would apparently be going through a lot of psychological frustration trying to concentrate and perceiving their immediate environment without the benefit of their eyes, like I do. I hope there is more funding into the research and aid to visually impaired individuals so that they can live near normal lives

As an afterthought, let me point out that the activity stated that your eyed must be closed throughout the entire trip, but by opening your eyes just before you missed your stop, I m not sure you quite adhered to the instruction completely. However, I think you already got the message and realize how people with visual impairment feel before you truncated the activity.

Response to Eun

I agree with you that you may not have heard the announcement if the carriage was a loud one, because you would have to try and concentrate in the midst of all the loudness. I also agree with you on the point that more organizations should organize more aid for people with visual impairment; not just babies. Although i also agree that the firsts 5 years are quite important in the life of children so that they can achieve their highest cognitive potential since this period is the time when the brain is still developing.Bottom of Form


WHO (2013). 10 Facts About Blindness and Visual Impairment. WHO. retrieved on 22nd September, 2013 from

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