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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:42
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There are different user needs that should be considered while undertaking project design. There are different needs for different users. The needs of the users are the parameters and the dimensions along which the different needs of the users may be found to vary. Different users have varying needs, thus, need considerations along these lines.

Physical characteristics

Physical characteristics are the features that describe the outward features of users. These features include the size of the hands of different users, the eyesight, color of the interface and the ease at which the desktop icons can be manipulated. If the user interface is manipulated by some gadget apart from the keyboard, then the size and the design of that device should take care of the needs of those users who have big hands and also those who have small hands. Devices that are handled should be designed so that takes care of all sizes. There are also users with varying eye sight.

There are those who are long-sighted and those who are short-sighted. This requires that the visibility of the user interface should take into considerations the eye sight of different users. The design should allow users to manipulate the icons without affecting the whole system. There are others who would want to rearrange the desktop icons so that it suits their tastes. If the system is to be used in a kiosk, then the size of the kiosk should be considered. There are different sizes for different users.

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is another issue and factor that should be considered when designing the user interface. There are cultures which do not accept colors which are seen to be screaming. The choice of colors should be considerate when designing the user interface. The choice of colors should be considerate of the gender and the different culture. Culture also includes the different religions across the world. Different religions have different preferences for color.


Age also plays an important role. The elderly do not like colors which are bright; the colors that are used in the project should be friendly to all ages. Another factor that comes into play is the design of animation. Young users like animations more than the elderly. The design should take into consideration the different ages and their preferences. Flashy images are an issue to be considered when undertaking the design. Animation should be minimized and professional. The animations should be based on the users that will use the user interface. An example is that when designing games that are used by young users, then animations can be used.


This is an important aspect when designing the user interface. Different genders have different color preferences. Ladies, for example, do not like red color as it is considered to be loud. While making gender can accommodate any color and even hard colors like red and yellow, female gender is not comfortable with such hard colors. The colors should be professional and take care of both genders. Apart from color, it is important to have an organized layout of graphics in the user interface. The female gender like some form of organization.

Previous user experiences

This is an important aspect because of the complexity of user interface. The complexity of the user interface should be average so that it takes into account the user experiences. There are novice computer users who will need guidance while using the user interface. One example is that simple graphics should be used for applications that will be used by novice users. There should be simple pneumonias that show where some controls are indicated. The controls should not be hidden and should use simple language. This will enable the novice users to navigate through the user interface in a simple way. An example is that of automatic machines where novice users use it to withdraw cash. These systems make use of simple language in order for the novice users understand the directions. Another example is when designing systems that will be used for indexing IT jobs. This system will be complicated because it is only professionals who will make use of the system. There is no way that a non-professional will use the system. Another example is when designing a programming language. This will be used by experts, as they are regarded as experts in this field.

Cognitive factors

When designing the user interface, there is the important aspect of cognitive factors. There is a need to consider if the users will be able to perceive his actions and behaviors that come with the design. Their interpretation is also important when they are using the user interface. It is important to consider the knowledge that they will need in their interpretation and use of the software. There have been researches being undertaken to close the gap between scientific research and software design and user interface guidelines. There have been changes made in the design process so that there is more about cognitive considerations in the design. One example that has been undertaken in this process is that there has been the use of metaphors so that it enhances learning. This has made users rely on their thinking. The use of this cognitive behavior has been enhanced by the fact that users draw from the wider knowledge of the new domain of design and knowledge.

Social mechanisms

There are factors that are considered when undertaking user interface design. With the interaction with data in information systems, there is a need to put into considerations in the way data will be manipulated. The data can be shared or used in a collaborative manner. The data can also be synchronous or asynchronous. All these should be put into considerations in the design of the user interface. There is the use of social applications like Facebook and Twitter in the design of most user interfaces. If there is a need to share the data with some individuals or the general public, then there will be the use of links that will link the users with the social applications. This is becoming efficient and reliable when sharing data. An example is that if the system is for marketing, then the reviews and comments to the general public is of paramount importance. This will be effected with the use of social application links. The common link is to request for the user like the page on Facebook or follow the Twitter handle.


The environment within which the system will be running will also be a point to consider. The environment that the project will run will determine the kinds of features that it will be integrated. If the system will run in a noisy environment, for example, then loud beeps, if they are required, will be integrated.

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