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Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:40
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We see that technology has been completely integrated in our lives. From smart phones, to voice commands in the home, till using electronic gadgets as a learning medium, we benefit from it all around. This is why is now even more important to be acquainted with the latest technology and learn the latest skills. Te job sector is also more reliant on technology and skills. Thus the students of all faculties and ages need to incorporate the use of technology and the learning of skills and tools.
The boom in use of technology in schools colleges and universities is very welcoming. It is important to integrate the use of technology from an early age in children. There are various advantages to the use of technology in classrooms. With the use of communication platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, a teacher can plan lessons and updates the students. Grading students work through mobile apps also ensures that the teacher is empowered.
With the use of technology in classrooms, it is seen that students better engage in the subject being taught. Majority if the students are acquainted with the way the internet works. Using this same technology to learn will be fun and interactive. This type of educational experience helps students learn better and makes them implement what they learned in real life situations.
With the use of technology in classrooms, students are not limited to the information in their textbooks. The internet is an ocean of information from where the students can expand their horizons. Special customized educational software makes the experience less intimidating for the students. They enjoy while learning. Personalized customization enables the program to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and change the course detail according to the individual.
The use of technology is welcomed not only be students but by teachers alike. Stacy is a school teacher in Potomac. She uses technology to prepare lectures for her students. She has reversed the traditional teaching method and now her students learn from her podcasts at home, while they enjoy practicing problems together in class. This way the students come to school engrossed in lively discussions and thoughts. 65% of teachers and educators believe that with the introduction of technology in the classroom, students have become more stress free and productive . Students have been seen to access and work individually and in groups order to learn from all the information they have gathered from the internet.
The question is not whether the use of technology in classrooms is beneficial or not. The question is how the governments and concerned authorities will ensure that all students get equal opportunities and whether it is essential for each student to get an individual device . The need is to emphasize on the proper training of teachers and on the development of teaching material. The students are of the digital age and so there is a need for the teaching methodologies and teachers to be digitalized as well.
The vast options of resources and materials in technology make the learning experience diverse. The internet gives students hands on experience of what to expect in the real world. It uses mediums like sounds, images and text combined to make a mark on the student’s brain.
The latest modeling and simulation technologies in classrooms and laboratories help children experiment and test their assumptions. They better understand the changes and reactions in the experiment through visual aid.
While using technology, there should be 4 basic principles that should be kept in mind:
- Alignment
It is important to consider what technology will best suit your subject area and how you should align the course/lesson with the technology. Overuse of technology may result in becoming a distraction and not as an aid in learning.
- Accessibility
Make sure that the medium you are using is easily accessible to all your students. Students living on campus and off campus may have different technology devices.
- Assessment
It is important to assess you students on the use of the technology. Lay down the objectives and you can even assign assignments to be done on a similar technological medium.
- Reinforcement
The need of technology use should be to ensure that the lesson is understood properly but it should not be a word-by-word reiteration of the text book lesson. If any technological medium is used, it should be used to the full potential.
If used in a productive way, technology is a very powerful tool that can be used to educate our students in ways that are traditionally impossible. Our students need to engage in the bounties of 21st century in order to learn the skills that are essential in this time. It helps them become permanent learners. Technology also enhances a teacher’s role. A teacher’s role is now grown into being an advisor, coach and content advisor. This all is possible with the use of technology in the classroom.
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