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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:34
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The world has rules, which make everything to function.
Every little thing!
The names of those rules are: math and physics; and the world spins around them.
These have been my academic interests since a young age, being interested in deciphering what these world rules talked about, what orders they organize, for such perfection to occur every day, in every little thing that makes part of our life. More than that, Man has been able to constantly evolve and invent new applications for these rules, and even decipher new ones, unfolding new knowledge.
Following this same fascination, I have entered some extracurricular activities that would feed my hunger for knowledge about the world’s and Man’s inventions’ parts. One of such was robotics, which amazed me.
Knowing how to make something work, to be able to build it, to engineer it, was my goal.
Additionally, not even summer could hold back my passion and, for 3 of those summers, I voluntarily entered summer school, in TASIS (The American School in England), having the best 7 weeks of my life, learning more, and more. I took those opportunities and searched for extra knowledge on movie making and media studies. Clearly, the media’s and motion pictures’ invention revolutionized the world’s perspective; knowing it, how use it, was an everyday excitement.
My USC entrance, either to Mechanical Engineering, or to Industrial and Systems Engineering, is my next step on the path to understand the world’s mechanics and, perhaps be one of its’ main operators.

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