Understanding The Human Resource Ys And Why Nots Of The Millennial Generation Article Review Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:57
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Human resource practices should be aligned with the needs of the employees. The notion attached to the concept aligns with the opinion by the author who indicates the need for the human resource practices of the “Y” generation to align with their technological needs. Generation Y is anticipated to hold over fifty percent of the workforce by 2020. The generation is largely technology advanced indicating the need to ensure entities such as workplace culture are technologically embedded. These changes are aimed at ensuring the set objectives of the organization are achieved through
Born between 1982-2003, generation Y reflects a millennial generation hence the need to ensure that the workplace needs, motivators and the expectations aligns with the respective expectations. Based on the author’s arguments, some of the key areas in human resource strategy and practices should be developed to ensure that the respective needs of the generation are availed to enable the organization achieve the set goals. Some of these areas include; workplace culture, context aware technology, and data drive human resource strategy.
Under the workplace culture, it is anticipated that these generations’ employees will not stay at a job for less than 3 years as they keep searching for greener pastures. The implication attached to the argument indicates that the generation Y should be availed with a flexible workplace, highly technologically embedded working environment, ongoing feedback and reorganization and also increasing the visibility of corporate giving and also social responsibility initiatives. The essence of enacting these strategies or initiatives is based on ensuring that the workforce in the generation is provided with the essential entities to facilitate effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.
The effectiveness of the workplace should be based on the context aware technology approach. The notion attached to the argument is based on the fact that technology has largely been ingrained in the lives of Generation Y as a socially networked generation. This indicates the need to enact strategies to ensure that as the generation enters the workforce expects similar quality user experience facilities to avert disappointing these workers.
Under the concept of the data driven human resource strategy, need to adopt a changing workforce that embraces the needs and the expectations of the Millennial employees is recommended. The significance of ensuring that the human resource strategy is date driven is to facilitate accurate, real time and also actionable data towards facilitating effectiveness of the installed programs. The human resource professionals dealing with the workforce under this generation are recommended to focus on data analysis and enact strategies that align the generations’ expectation with the changes.
The arguments presented by the author are feasible in relation to the current technological advancements experienced within the society. There is need to acquire, develop and retain talented employees a challenge that current firms are facing hence need to adopt strategies to avert. The essence of developing strategic approach is to ensure that the organization culture, policies, and also technologies align with the expectations of the generation. However, although the suggestions by the author are feasible, there are other factors that are likely to deter the effectiveness of these workers.

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