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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:08
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Cognitive functioning is an intellectual process in which people become conscious of the things that happens to them. For example, perceiving the changes and effects and comprehending new ideas. The process that concerns symbolic operations of cognitive functioning is a gradual process. For example, memory, thinking, and creation of imagery concern the activities of the mind. It particularly encompasses the essence of being aware and having the capacity to make judgments (Poon, 2006).

Various activities need to be done in order to maintain the cognitive functioning. Since mental dysfunction would occur, a mental illness which causes emotional stress and cognitive problems. The key point in ensuring cognitive functioning takes place is by engaging the mind in the stimulating activities that helps rejuvenate the mind. The memory is the central part in aid of cognitive functions, the importance of recalling the events and concepts in real life situations.

One of the activities include the physical activity factors, this concerns the essence of doing excises by individuals prone to loss memory and lack the ability of maintaining cognitive reasoning. The physical exercises ensure that the body and the blood flow well in their bodies. For the burning of calories in the body, reduces cardiac arrest and keeps the body healthy and physically fit (Poon, 2006). In stimulating the memory by engaging in physical activities, this helps in maintaining the blood circulation whereby the mind becomes fresh although. The people who take time to do physical exercise nourish and relax the mind. The residents should adopt the strategy of taking the physical exercises; age is an element that influences the essence of one having a declined in the state of cognitive functioning. The people who practice the stimulation of the mind gain a lot in maintaining the cognitive functioning. The memory will be able to function well as expected. Nurses need to know the interventions that would help assist in educating and informing the patient about aging and their cognitive functioning.The blood circulation in the whole body and formation of new neurons which stimulate the revival of memory and hence increase effectiveness perceives and capturing new concepts. The improvements made in the stimulating the mind, the people need to take aerobic exercises. The exercises help, make improvements both intensive and extensive practices. Women would depict greater gains in the baseline exercises.

Engagement in social factors the residents should engage as they interact with others. Their engagement with others helps build relationships and make one at ease. Involvement in productive activities lowers the mortality the people show as part of their task in doing physical exercise. The residences that have a low social activity engagement tend to have their cognitive functioning declining. For instance, elders who have a high interaction with people in the society tend to depict a stimulated memory and their relevance in the society will be felt. The activities that require abandonment are the luxurious practices, for example smoking, taking alcohol, and unchecked eating habits.

The residence should also check on the nutrition in planning well on what kind of food they take. The nutrition one takes has a directed relation to what someone portrays. The essence of maintaining a good cognitive functioning that will aid in the stimulation of the memory and perception of individuals play a key role in stimulating the mind. In particular, the importance part in cognitive functioning is to engage the brain and the other parts of the body to coordinate (Poon, 2006).
Cognitive activity depicts that the people with the cognitive stimulating jobs often maintain a higher level of cognitive functioning. For example, physicians, pilots, college professors, architects, and musicians from the research have shown high cognitive activity groups. The research shows that the importance of cognitive functioning helps to show the progress of stimulation to keep the memory stimulated and more reliable.
Lifestyle practices help in the maintained of proper cognitive functioning. For example, the residence need to have proper education particularly developed a good foundation. The information and knowledge captured help in the education curriculum, there is need to use the factors to intervene in knowing that they prevent the cognitive dysfunction.

The residence put up things that add up to making their lives better, since losing memory depicts great changes. Intelligence that entails the intelligence concerns the reduced intelligence, which influence the measures of the level, and abilities that minimize the low effects of the academic level.
Considering aging, most people show a maintained higher cognitive functioning in relation to aging. The social economic state of the residence plays a role also in determining the state of sustaining the level of memory that is desired. In psychology the essence of perception and intelligence are subjected to the brain, information is processed. The utilization of the cognitive functioning as a process in ensuring the person's memory is not declining in any way. The elders who had a better chance to engage in sporting events developed a stimulating feeling that nourishes the brain and the body (Poon, 2006).

The researchers support the combination of social, physical, and cognitive functioning. The key elements may include a balanced nutrition combined with cognitive performance that is maintained. Cognitive stimulation fails to correlate and it is difficult to find out about it. Especially amongst the individual from the intensity varies. There is the importance of training individuals on the importance of stimulating oneself so that the cognitive functioning does not decline. During the aging cognitive functioning starts to decline and therefore considered as a trend.

Their activities therefore play a key role in stimulating and maintaining the memory. The designs show the essence of maintaining a cross-sectional study, which impact on cognition. There is a need for the residence to give details on their efficiency and their level of understanding that synthesizes the finding of multiple studies. The plan also focuses on the activities that help in relieving and reducing depression, which require further exploration.

The Study of psychological and physiological advantages of the aging persons was established with the aim of protecting their intellectual capacity and the physical body. Research has shown that cognitive ability can help lower the effect of education levels. Individuals with cognitive stimulate have the ability to maintain a higher rate of cognitive function at an older age because there have mentally active which helps them process information independently. Some activities have proven to improve the mental capacity of old age people. For example, chess helps old age people to develop their working memory. A study conducted in Britain in 2011 found out that old age individual who practice chess reason better that non players because it helps them maintain their cognition. Researchers have indicated that cognitively demanding activities help individuals to establish a casual relationship (Poon, 2006).Physical exercise in aging people has shown improved benefits despite the little cognitive benefits. One advantage of physical exercise is that it helps individuals enhance their cognitive, while physiological help easy blood flow from and to the brain. The combination of these two activities helps an aging person mental to work normally and stay healthy physically. According Cavanaugh, women aged 65 years start losing their cognitive health. The first activity that helped women to be more health was the physical activity. Women who walk and do any other form of exercise have shown a cognitive increase in their mental state. A study conducted by nurses in Britain provided evidences that physical exercise plays a key role in the reduction in the cognition decline in old age people. Neuroscience latest study indicates that exercising helps aging people keep their mind fresh and because of these findings, all aging people should at least exercise because it helps to keep their mind sober. Physical exercise sets up the brain for learning, increases the memory capacity and sets an elderly in the mode of learning.The second activity that stimulates the memory of aging people is their social engagement. The social life of old a person is determined by how there are socially involved with other people. This means that an aging person who is socially active is in a position of increasing the cognitive function. A study conducted by an Epidemiological Study of the Elderly (EPESE), interviewed over 2000 aging people. Elderly individuals whose social life got tied up had the risk of declining their own cognitive while individuals whose social life was still active had a manageable cognition (Poon, 2006).. This study was being scrutinized using productivity concerning their lives. In this case, productivity was defined as how elderly people were active in their housework and other work that they were involved in.

Adding to this, the social engagement of the elderly people and family ties determined their cognitive function. For example, old age women who were involved in religious activities and social movement in their community found to be living a productive life this was because cognition is affected by the social life of a person. In this research, men who had retired and only practiced indoor activities had lower cognition and their risked their cognition declining. However, those old age men who kept their lives informed through the media and reading newspaper increased their cognition by keeping their brains at work. Additionally, Nutrition is a critical factor that determines the cognitive function of a person. According to the authors, the way an individual feeds has an influence in their healthy life and their psychological life. It has been identified that elderly people cognitive declines due to dementia that is determined by the metabolic indicator in the food they take. Such individuals are likely to suffer from diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, which affect their cognitive directly. However, nutritionist advices such kind of patients to take on food with a lot of vitamin C and E in order to maintain cognition because this food helps them improve the score.

A study that was conducted at the university of London featuring 1500 old age people who were under vitamin C and E proved to be to be much better because the study reflected that their cognitive level was high (Poon, 2006). Finally, in the book adult development and cognitive aging, physical health, balanced diet and social life finding shows that all this activity is independent in their own way and they should be interpreted differently. The key factor that determines the cognitive function correctly because as we have seen it highly affects the memory of an old age person, the ways his future life is should also merge with the social life and nutrition taking. For example, when an elderly person is taking a routinely exercise, the person should also be on a diet that merges the exercise undertaken. This will help the person have a healthy life physically and mentally. One may wonder how does physical exercise has to do with the mental part of a human. However, the neuroscience latest study indicates that exercising helps children in their mind fresh and because of these findings, all school-going children should attend physical education because it helps to keep their mind sober. Physical exercise sets up the brain for learning, increases the memory capacity and sets elderly in the mode of learning.

Additionally, an aging person should be an extrovert person because this will help his mind become active because e is involved in activities that keep the cognitive functional (Poon, 2006). Adding to this, the meals an elderly person takes should also put into consideration. This is because there are there are certain meals that helps increase the cognitive function increase. For example, omega three is advisable to older age people. An intervention has been developed with the aim of boosting the cognitive function and the intervention seeks the training of the memory.


Poon, L. W., Chodzko-Zajko, W. J., & Tomporowski, P. D. (2006). Active living, cognitive functioning, and aging. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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