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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:34
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Would you believe if someone told you that long time ago nobody eat tiramisu, although it was already invented? In fact, nobody even tried to taste it and enjoy the delicacy of this dessert. It was used for an absolutely different purpose by ancient Romans from a small Italian village Spoleto, and later – by the whole country.
At that time all Romans lived in peace, everybody loved and respected each other. Moreover, there was a river called Peace in Spoleto, and there was a little secret about that river only few Romans knew – in the evening it could turn milk into mascarpone cheese. They did not know it was cheese at that time – for them it was just an ingredient for further magic: right on the riverbank they mixed mascarpone with ladyfingers biscuits, added some sugar, eggs, coffee and cocoa, and asked Peace river: ‘Tiramisù!’ (Italian ‘Lift me up!’). It only took few seconds until the river started sparkling and lifting up the Roman in the air. They could fly over Italy all night long till the sunrise, but had to get back to the river right before the sunrise started. While everywhere in the world people tried to invent something that could let them fly like birds, Romans used their magic river to acquire wings. Soon the secret was spread among Romans, but they kept it safely inside the country.
In few centuries, barbarians invaded Italy and the war started. Romans and barbarians were filled with hatred and desire to kill. That very day, many of Romans tried to fly away from conquered Spoleto – they did their best to bring as much milk to Peace River as possible so that they could take their families with them. However, when they added all the ingredients and screamed ‘Tiramisù!’ nothing really happened. The Romans tried and tried, one of them even started eating the mixture of the ingredients, hoping that his body will be impregnated with magic. At that moment the river Peace started talking: ‘You people cannot love and respect each other anymore! Your wars destroy the kindness in your souls. I will not give you my magic - the only thing that will remind you how sweet and adorable the taste of living in peace can be, is the Tiramisu mixture. Eat it, enjoy it, and remember how silly you were not to love each other and not to use the magic of Peace!”

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