The Things I Carry Creative Writing Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:38
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Among the things I carry, include two Cartier love bangles, one that was given to me by my paternal grandmother, and the other one by my paternal grandfather. I carry them always in my wrist.
The things I carry are the passion and love for the Cartier bangles attached to the sentiments I have for my grandparents. I love my two beautiful small new round white and rose golden bangles. My grandparents are just like my parents; they have been taking care of my sister and me since we were born, but we do not live with them. We spend time with them at least three times a week, which I personally think, is a lot more than what others spend with their grandparents in Hong Kong.
My grandfather recently passed away. His death has left my heart which was always filled with love void, ready to cave-in in a quick collapse under all that weight of sadness, burying the love I had accumulated in my heart, so dense, to crush. However, the love he had for me keeps me going, all I can do to appreciate him is to keep my promises I made to him and fulfill what he expected me to do. The things I carry are promises, which I have an obligation to accomplish. The bangles I had with me are the best thing that reminds me of my grandfather words of wisdom. Sometimes I found myself staring and smiling at them. It is the most beautiful things I carry.
The things I carry give me hope that someday, I will put a smile to my grandparent’s faces by living to their expectations. They were happy old couple who were always there for each other and us. How I admire their lives and lifestyle is what keeps the fire inside me burning.
I have one older sister, she is always concerned with my wellbeing, and the things I carry with me un-equated love for her. She is always there for me even when I am under extreme circumstances. She is my life and I love her. She makes my days brighter. Her dedication to ensure the best for me gets me humbled and feels the passion of the tender care of the people around my life.
The things I carry are largely determined by necessity. I have a dream to be a psychologist one day, and this is going to live up to it. It is my choice, my dream and my future. It is what I am anticipating to achieve.
The things I carry are the passion for my future goal, which may be represented by the love bangles, which I have with me everywhere tied around my wrist. My grandparents fully support my decisions and are always there for me. I always wonder what they positively see in my dreams and me.
In my bag pack, the things I carry are a small psychological book, which was bought by my sister as my 14th birthday present. It is largely determined by necessity, considering that I have an anticipated profession in psychology in the near future.
I can stare to the pages of the books, and imagine the things I carry is the book contents in my mind, staring at a long queue of people, reading their minds, and passionately giving them the best advice to solve their endless problems and reviving the lost hopes for them.
The things I carry in my life are figurative, which is brought by the course of nature and natural powers. The more I try to put them away, the more it takes the sentiments I have for the things and persons I love. The things I carry matter are an important part of my life.
The things I carry are my future, my dreams and the necessities, which make me whole. I see my future with enthusiasm.

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