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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:23
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1. Was the test subject group adequately prepared for the activity? (For example, did they have all the appropriate materials?)

Yes, the test subject group was adequately prepared for the activity. Because our topic was about social media, particularly Twitter, the test subject group only needed laptops or computers in order for them to follow the Instructions we have given.

2. How long did it take for the test subject group to complete the instructions? How does this compare to your expectations/predictions?

It took the subject time around 40 minutes to finish the instructions. This was far from our estimation of 20 minutes.

3. Did the group make any mistakes while completing the instructions? If so, was the group able to correct the mistakes or did the testers have to intervene?

The test group made several mistakes while completing the instruction and for most of them, the testers needed to intervene and clarify things.4. Did the group seem confused by any part of the instructions? How so?

The group seemed confused with the order of the instructions. For example, making a tweet is placed on the last part of the Instruction paper and far from the basic tools such as retweeting and hashtag. Also, they were confused with some of the terminologies used at the first part of the document.5. Did the test group ask any questions? If so, what was the nature of the questions? Were the questions directed at each other or at your group?

The test group mostly asked the testers the necessity of a certain step in the instruction process. However, their questions were mostly directed to each other.6. What additional information would your audience test group find helpful in completing the tasks described in the instructions?

It would be helpful to make the step by step instruction detailed. Some of our instruction was more on stating facts than instructing and this seemed to confused the test group.

4. What was your test group’s specific response to the graphics? Or, if you didn’t include graphics, does your test group think you should include them?

The test group found it easy to follow the instructions through the graphics at the start of the document. However, towards the middle of the document, the test group had to repeatedly read the written instructions and then look at the graphics and then scroll back again to that graphic later. The testers noticed that this took up much of the test group’s time.

5. What are your audience’s suggestions for improving the instructions? If they don’t have any, goad them into giving you at least two suggestions.

Arrange the graphics in a more reader-friendly format. Speaking of format, they also noticed that the font style and size, as well as the highlights (specifically the bold words), were inconsistent. They asked a more uniform font style throughout the document.

Further narrow down the topic. As it was, it took the test group significantly longer time to finish the instructions given because the document wanted them to do a lot of things. Some of the more advanced instructions should not be included because this document is supposed to target first-time users of Twitter.

6. Additional comments and observations:

The test group noticed some spelling and grammar errors.

7. If possible, please take a picture of your group completing this task for verification purposes.

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