The Story Of An Hour Case Study

Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:26
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The story is short, that was my initial response to the reading. In totality the story was composed of several paragraphs with two or three sentences. I thought that the shortness of the story will leave no room for complex plot, flashbacks, or even speculations. The writing style however was poetic and due to the denseness of the writing, it appealed to the people because despite being short it gave the impression that the story was complex. The character, Louise was like an irony because she knows the right way for a woman to behave but still her behaviours reflect otherwise. Her reactions often reveal her true nature as a person that she is emotionally unstable. The story’s development is also good to the point that you will be surprised with how it ends.
A Rose For Emily
When I saw the title of the short story, I thought it was a romantic story. But I was proven wrong as I read the story. It was more psychological due to the case of the main character. In terms of conflict I felt that it was Man vs. Man, because Emily had to deal with herself and her past. It even begins with a funeral wherein the unknown author begins the story with the funeral of Emily attended by people she hardly knew. The plot was deep and complex because you will slowly determine why Emily chose to live that way because of the information given as the story progressed. At some point while reading the story, I even had a hard time determining when is the climax of the story because I felt that most of the encounters in the story where rising actions.

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