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Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:29
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The primary cause of confusion in the story is the room which Williams and Thompson were assigned. They were to be assigned a two-bedroom suite as he had reserved but instead they were give a room with a sleeping couch in the place of a second bed. This lead to Thompson’s discontent who ended up changing rooms.
The confusion was further escalated by the fact that the room which Williams occupied was recognized as unoccupied and that he had to wait for a computer to come back on line he could be given the number of Thompsons new room. Earlier, when he asked to be given the number of Thompson’s number, he was notified that he was not registered in the new room. In fact the worse of the worst happened when stranger walked in to the room, he was staying claiming to have been assigned, leading to a confrontation.
In order to prevent such confusion from occurring, the hotel management should have its employees focus on effective service delivery (Bardi 24). They should ensure that they get the right thing for the right client, and always keep in touch with the client. When Thompson decided to change the room, Williams should have been informed on the decision as he was the one who had reserved. Again, the hotel should rely on an effective yield system which ensures that there no incidents which might lead to confrontations.
Work cited
Bardi, James A. Hotel Front Office Management. New York: J. Wiley, 2003. Internet resource.

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