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Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:12
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The money supply in Canada was reducing. The ratio of single mothers was rising, and the market of prostitution was getting hot as well. The percentage growth of suicides in the country was overwhelming to say the least. All of the determinants previously discussed pointed out to one and only one trend that was social and economic inequality. The natural system works in such a way that it makes sure that everyone can get their due share of income and livelihood, but in Canada, human factor was so corrupt that they were unduly influencing the money supply in the country./>
The Canadian state remained a backward one even in the shadow of America because they never learned the lesson about social, communal, and economic equality. The government lured human resources from all over the world in order to keep labor costs in the local market in control. The years passed, and Americans became an enlightened race, and they integrated various sorts of equalities such as racial, social, and the females received due attention in this regard as well. The history moved forward, and reached the 21st century, and everyone in the outer world was thinking that Canada grew along side with America, but that never happened, and Canadian government in the hindsight of American Revolution covered its dark secrets well enough. The book “Dismantling a Nation” revealed that Canada remained an isolated state in the modern world of the globalization. However, it seemed to be a developed one, but at a basic level, it was not, and now people had exposed it in the international community, and the being analyzed work is the link in the chain of installation that others created in order to expose the true face of the Canada in front of the world. The Canadian government had a keen interest in the fostering of its ability to create wealth on the increasing basis.
The government was becoming less and less interested towards causing social development in the country. The politicians went way out of their league in order to facilitate and help their sponsoring companies. They intended to payback the favors so that they can get support from their friends during the next political campaign. The Canadian government worked to form a social exchange with the elite class only. Canada as a nation did not bother to provide people with equality and justice because they were not their priorities.
The Americans tossed a term of “The American Dream,” and they used it in order to guide people about the marvelous gifts one can gather by living in the country. They kept their promise, and worked hard in order to provide necessities of life to every citizen. However, Canada made money, they were keeping it secretly concealed, and only elite class had the access to those funds. The local and foreign investments were dropping to hopeless levels in the country, and therefore, the economy was nearing stagnation with the passage of time. By the times of 1970s, the country started to expand both economically and socially. The suppressed sections of the society were getting the chance to experience inclusion in the mainstream issues of the country, and therefore, the development of Canada initiated when government decided to integrate the philosophy of Neoliberalism in the country. The GDP was growing, and inward investments from different parts of the world started to come in as well. The ideas propagated by the authors were not applicable in traditional Canada, but they are very much practical in the neoclassic society. The Canadian government is finally coming to acknowledge the importance and value of social equality and justice in the community, and the Quebec government played a notable hand in this regard. (How the ideas of the authors can be implemented in the real world)
The problem with Canadian national system was not economic, but it had an ethical nature to say the least because government did not fulfill the promise of providing for the basic needs of the public. The crimes were growing, and there was a significant level of compromise present in terms of law and order situation in the country. The notion of human development can occur, if the government has the commitment towards making the effort in this regard. The general level of life satisfaction was discriminating in the nation because people cannot find happiness in their lives because they do not possess the courage to help others. They were watching and safeguarding their self-interests only, and that was the biggest problem in the national system that one can think of. The educational system in the Canada was not operating with peak efficiency. The technological outlook of the country was hopeless. They were using outdated and obsolete American technologies, and recently, the Americans had recently decided to withdraw from Canadian soil because they had to take care of their homeland instead. The Canada has to work hard in order to gain respectable position in the global arena once again. The foreign investors do not see and treat the country as an attractive investment spot.
The Return on Investment in the Canada was much higher than that of other nations, but the investors decided not to put in the money on purely ethical and religious grounds. Human society cannot possibly operate without the presence of humanistic values, and that was what, the Canadian nation was missing out. The correctional measures included some bold steps that the government needed to take so that society can benefit from them. Firstly, the government had to pay close attention to the sectors of public healthcare and education. Then, they had to train and educate adults so that they can become participative citizens of the society. The single mothers must receive monetary assistance and aid from the government so that they should not sell their bodies in order to make money, and the government of Quebec took all of these steps in quick succession, and brought betterment in the relevant society by following and applying the concept and framework of Neoliberalism. The government of Quebec was able to implement Neoliberalism theory because of its structure that had an inspiration from the Westminster’s political system. The reach of the government was immense into the society, and therefore, they managed to approach even the most deprived social classes, and the tale of social equality in the Canada began in those days. (please see the highlighted parts where I have discussed application of Neoliberalism with reference to Quebec situation)
This paper has an objective of letting out the defining causes behind the authorship of the book “Dismantling the Nation”. The word dismantling is an interesting one to use because the work literally cut opens the Canadian national identity and culture. The book described the country as a failed state because it was not doing anything in order to improve socioeconomic health of the society, and that is the biggest flaw of any national system in the world.
The basic and fundamental purpose of any government was to cause socioeconomic development in the country, and if it is not fulfilling its duties and responsibilities then, it does not the right and authority to run the country.
Mcbride, S., & Shields, J. (1997). Dismantling a Nation: Canada and the New World Order. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing.

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