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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:59
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On Monday, June 7 2010 during the meeting of Stewart Town Council some important issues concerning budgets of 2010, 2011 and 2012, the improvement of public services and security of citizens were discussed. Staff reports were made. Township manager Bea Holden reported about budgeting, rezoning of the Stewart Bottom District and building permits. Township solicitor George Gettums reported about important contracts.
The town’s budge increase was one of the questions on agenda. The 7% increase in the budget to 2 675 000$ was approved in spite of the opposite thought of the minority. The councilman William Hazard protested against the 5% increase of councilmembers’ salaries. The Council plans to receive funds for additional expenses by increasing municipal taxes. However the town meeting on these increases is going to be held next Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m. These amendments to the budget will be discussed and the results of audit of last year expenditure will be considered.
The Mayor Arnold Yessum’s announcement was on the agenda. His proposition of new community policing program was approved by the Council. The program, recommended by the consultant in law enforcement systems, includes the involvement of 12 officers for patrolling the streets of Stewart Town on bicycles. A grant in the amount of 450 000$ from the federal law enforcement will support the implementation of this program, which is expected to improve the interaction between residents of the town and the police.
Also, the repair of Stewart Bridge was discussed. An engineer’s report discovered its rusting a year ago and for the fourth time this issue caused heated debate. Three councilmembers headed by the mayor insisted that the Bridge must be repaired at the expense of the state. Another opinion of two councilmembers including Hazard was that the Bridge has to be repaired at the expense of municipal funds through the issuance of bond if necessary.
All the development plans were approved without dissent.
Some issues need to be followed up:
- The results of introduction of a new police program;
- The solutions adopted during the town meeting;

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