The Home Depots Extreme Communication Makeover Case Study Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:39
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Questions for Discussion
- What major communication problems did The Home Depot have and manage to solve?
Geographic communication was a big issue as there were multiple languages to cover. This challenge was solved by the introduction of database servers that could transmit messages throughout the Home Depot retail branches.
- In what ways did The Home Depot leverage the power of technology to facilitate communication? How else might it do so?
It used the latest systems from IBM to provide continuous availability of SAP for retail. Home Depot could have commissioned the development of their private software which could have been cheaper in the long-term.
- The biggest challenge in implementing the system involved training thousands of employees in every store, but it has been working well. Now, they’ve got a single pipeline that all managers can use for all action-required communication, completely eliminating duplication in communication.
The large number of employees around the world had to be trained on how to use the system to avoid frustrations and inconsistency. The new system allows effective communication between different branches and departments at Home Depot.
- Based on the material in this chapter, what else could be done at The Home Depot to improve communication within the company?
Home Depot managed to introduce a new channel of communication that could transmit messages to all retail branches. However, there are other aspects of communication that could be addressed to improve communication within the company.
The company could commit to establishing individual differences in communication by concentrating on aspects of communication from each country where they have retail stores.
The company could also enhance informal communication networks through its new communication system.
Chapter 8
Think of any professional sports team, such as a professional baseball, football, or basketball team. In what ways do they fit the description of teams used in this chapter? In what ways do they not fit the description of teams used in this chapter?
The team I have chosen in Manchester United Football Club in England. It is one of the most successful football clubs in the world but their success is endangered by recent retirement of their legendary manager (coach), Sir Alex Ferguson. In relation to teams discussed in this chapter, Manchester United FC is a physical team in which members are physically present. It can also be termed as a permanent team.
There are some differences between Manchester United FC and the teams discussed on this chapter. One of those differences is that the teams discussed on this chapter are organizational related and they are not the center of the organization. However, Manchester United FC is the center of the organization and everything done in this organization is to the success of this team.

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