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Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:12
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The two hospitals that this paper is going to compare are the UMass Memorial Medical Center and the Saint Vincent Hospital. Both of these health institutions are located in Worcester, Massachusetts. UMass Memorial Medical Center is owned partly by the state government and partly by private investors. On the other hand, Saint Vincent Hospital is owned by the Catholic Church. This paper will describe the similarities and differences of these organizations in terms of the institutions’ missions, goals, objectives, management structure, staffing, policies, and procedures.
The missions of both Saint Vincent Hospital and the UMass Memorial Medical Center are almost similar. Both institutions are geared towards the delivery of quality service and the assurance of a safe environment both for visitors and patients. The mission of the Saint Vincent Hospital is based on the family unit. Saint Vincent’s mission illustrates the influence of the Catholic Church regarding the view of society. The Catholic Church as a Christian faith views family as the aggregate unit for society. On the other hand the mission of UMass Memorial Center seeks to address the residents of New England and Massachusetts as a whole. This shows that UMass Memorial does not break down family as the aggregate unit of society, but views the residents of New England as the aggregate unit of the constituent that the hospital serves.
•Goals & Objectives
UMass Memorial Medical Center goal is to improve the quality of health services that are extended to the residents of New England. The management of UMass Memorial Medical Center acknowledges that is not easy for the institution to have a perfect integrated health care system as a singular entity. In order to enhance its resources and quality of service, UMass Memorial Medical Center has partnered with other hospitals in the area such as Clinton Hospital and the Marlborough Hospital. This ensures that UMass is able to provide better health services through its partnership with other hospitals in the region. Conversely, Saint Vincent Hospital is geared towards the provision of unique services that are not provided for in other hospitals in the city of Worcester. For this reason, Saint Vincent has high-tech equipment for surgery purposes. The institution does not partner with other hospitals in the region. In addition, the goal of Vincent hospital is to have specialized care for women and children.
•Management structure & Staffing
The UMass Memorial medical center is managed by the University Of Massachusetts Medical School. This University is involved in conducting research regarding the latest illnesses and treatments that should be used. The University of Massachusetts is also involved in the formulation of procedure and policies that are used in the treatment of various illnesses in the hospital (UMass Memorial Medical Center, 2013). In terms of staffing, the hospital is served by staff and students from the University of Massachusetts and also local networks that include clinical officers, and nursing staff from the local community. On the contrary Saint Vincent is managed by professionals in the healthcare industries that are appointed and hired to various portfolios in the hospitals hierarchy. Like UMass Memorial Medical Center, Saint Vincent hospital is also composed of clinical and nursing staff from the local community (Saint Vincent Hospital, 2013).
•Policies & Procedures
Both institutions are committed to the protection of patient information. In both cases one has to call the front desk to enquire about information regarding a given patient. Both institutions acknowledge the fact that family members play an integral role in ensuring patient quick recovery. For this reason have well-defined visitors information which includes the various times that family members are allowed to visit their loved ones.
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