The Demise Of Drug Abuse Research Proposal Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:54
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Drug abusers can act as good ambassadors in the society by them informing their experiences concerning drug abuse. Drugs become dangerous to people’s lives when taken outside the controlled environment of a profession. The process of drug abuse is gradual that begins with the consumption of drug as a form of recreation or ecstasy. Is it possible for the society to experience the demise of drug abuse?
My Uncle Ahmad began taking prescription tablets to relieve him of stress due to his predisposed issue of depression. Ahmad develops an addiction to the prescribed tablets and experiences withdrawal symptoms as well as mood swings in the event the doctor fails to prescribe those drugs for him. This led to the behavior of using hard drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana for leisure purposes. These drugs are expensive to purchase in the market, and since Ahmad does not have a stable income to purchase, he sells all his property. In the event the wealth has depleted, Ahmad uses unorthodox means to ensure he has money to purchase drugs. In the process, the law enforcement catches up with his bad behavior, and he has to serve a life sentence in prison. My Uncle gets an early release through a prerogative of mercy from the Sultan; by then he has learned his lesson about drug abuse.
My plan for conducting the research topic is as follows: Between 22nd March and 29th March I will gather resources on the possibility of realizing demise of drug abuse in the society. Between 30th March and 7th April I will write the introduction of the research paper and the first two papers. Between 8th April and 15th April, I will continue writing my next four chapters. Lastly, between 16th April and 23rd April I will finish writing the last four chapters of my research paper.

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