T Is Often Said That You Do Not Know Someone Until You Have Walked A Mile In His Personal Statement Samples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:24
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It is often said that you do not know someone until you have walked a mile in his or her shoes. Whose shoes would you walk in and why?
Personally I have many people whom I would want to know and understand better. However the one person that fascinates and intrigues me the most is my father.
For me he always has been a unique person and the role model respected by community, hard worker, carrying parent and loving husband. I envision him as an everyday hero of the twenty-first century. In the last couple of years, I realized that true heroes are not ones who have superpowers and wear masks with capes. Real heroism is to dedicate your life to happiness of others.
My father is an affectionate husband he always helps and supports my mother and after so many years together still looks at her with eyes full of love. His role in our relationship was never limited to parenthood. He is my best friend, with whom I can share pleasant moments as well as downfalls and failures of my life. I can always count on his advice and trust him to hold my back in any situation.
The reason I decided becomes and engineer is my father’s words. He always taught me that if you want something you need to follow your dream no matter which obstacles are on your way. I fully realize that engineer profession will require plenty of hard work and constant studying even after graduation, however, my father use to say that all great things require the great deal efforts to be achieved and only soother is easy to get. His support and believe in my abilities and skills provide me with strength to move forward and achieve a higher goal each day.
I always wanted to be like him and understand how he can be so patient, inspiring and supportive and in the same time strong man. The reason I want to walk in my father’s shoe it is because I want to experience what my father is going thru every day. That would be a great lesson for me in order to become one day a role model for my son and people around me.

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