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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:35
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Personal Statement
I often find myself looking up while walking, aspiring toward heights. I am simply mesmerized by the mega constructions that reshape my country’s infrastructure and I am personally interested in analyzing them from an engineering perspective. Subconsciously, I have desired since always to be a Civil Engineer, to plan, schedule, project and apply construction management principles, strategies or best practices, although I could only define my desire with these terms when I pursued a Civil Engineering education.
As I grew convinced of my career aspirations, I told my professor about my plan to pursue the engineering profession. His words have deeply inspired and impacted me, keeping me permanently focused and active. He said to me “Planning and commitment represent the only path to reach your goals”. I became aware of the actions and the path that I needed to follow. My plan included achieving a solid education in Civil Engineering and gaining insightful experience in the field, by working in an engineering environment.
Achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering Science within Kuwait University in 2011 brought me closer to my goal. I continued pursuing my plan of becoming an engineer by working as a Physical Planning Engineer 1 for Kuwait Institute for Science Research (KISR), providing A to Z engineering consultations, solutions and supervision and delivering solid and qualitative projects. Managing small projects for KISR for two years, I accumulated substantial practical Civil Engineering experience and a consistent know-how on the Kuwait construction working system.
Further on, due to my pro-active personality, whilst working for KISR, I requested permission to work for a month within Gulf Consult, a prestigious organization in Kuwait to increase my industry know-how. I continued my work within KISR as a Research Assistant at the Energy and Building Research Center in Infrastructure and Risk Reliability Program, being committed to permanently reach for more, gaining substantial knowledge and exploring new scientific areas. My visible effort was rewarded with the “Exceeding expectations” annual evaluation.
I am approaching each new situation or event as opportunities to learn something new and to improve my skills. For this reason, I like to volunteer in charity activities, contributing to various actions through my communication skills, gathering people together for celebrating a sense of community.
In this modern world, people often hide away behind concrete walls, symbols of urban constructions that sometimes tend to discourage sharing and communication. As an engineer, I see it as a personal challenge to bring back the sense of community even in big, agglomerated cities. My city and my country needs top management qualification for developing mega projects, supporting the constantly growing petroleum activities. This is why I consider it my duty to learn at the highest academic institutions in the world and to come back in Kuwait to apply the gained knowledge and practical expertize locally.
My ambition, perseverance, commitment and my outgoing personality guide me toward the University of Florida for my Civil Engineering Masters and Ph.D. studies. I consider this a logical step in my progressive plan to become a reputable engineer, as I would have the opportunity to learn from distinguished faculty members and industry experts.
I have high hopes of joining your eminent University, for gaining substantial knowledge and perfecting my competences that I could further disseminate in the construction management projects in Kuwait, achieving my career goal. You would gain a hardworking, talented and devoted student, who would make a significant impact on enriching the scientific research.
I appreciate your time in analyzing my application and I would like to thank you for your consideration.

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