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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:32
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Technology is ever changing at very rapid pace. In any business or work environment there is constant development in information technology. My background in terms of experience and education provides me with a foundation in information technology. I draw much of my desire and love to study technology from the experiences that I have acquired in working different jobs as a freelancer. My developed interest in information technology is through several courses studied in Hong Kong from 2006 some of which include HTML, iPhone and Android certificate courses. Additionally, a diploma in ADOBE multimedia design gives me that foundation to handle freelance work and apply it in different research work in technology. I have served as an IT leader for a Hong Kong company while still studying in New York, where I have developed e-commerce websites. I have discovered and want to continue my interest in exploring technologies. I have Bachelors in Business Administration in finance and investment, from which I got a job working as a teller at chase bank. Since March 2014, I have acquired a working knowledge in finance, investments and economic theories, in addition to retail banking policies.
Technology is fascinating and working and dealing with information technology on a daily basis can be quite resourceful and can offer individuals as well as companies’ competitive advantage in their different fields of study and business. My freelance career has shaped me into a creative individual with a desire to be better.
My main ambition in technology is to become a project leader. Under this platform, I can be able to influence people and organizations in terms of developing new and advanced technology, which will make people’s life easier. In research, there is exposure to and interactions with the researchers in the field of information technology. According to Brown, Dennis and Venkatesh (11), technology allows and facilitates collaboration among researchers and working individuals.
Technology is transforming lives and will do so in the future. Development in technology continues to fire up my desire to understand and implement technology so that people can have more options to improve their lives and their businesses. There is a continuous development of new technologies. The challenge comes in the implementation and application of these technologies in the ordinary lives of people and businesses.
Despite the fact that I consider my life’s journey a success, there I still many hurdles ahead that need to overcome. Many organizations are still unaware of the potential of different technologies available to them. Some organizations may be unable to maximize the extensive technology at their disposal, which would offer them a better performance among other industries and companies.
Time has educated me that as long as technology is not useful it becomes obsolete, and if new technology has no application or use, it may constitute a waste of resources such as time and money. Management technology can push the limits of innovation and entrepreneurship even beyond the confines of a company’s boundaries (Clarysse, Mosey and Lambrecht 428). Confidently, I seek to learn more about management technology at NYU polytechnic. Furthermore, I can combine my experience of design and teamwork with the new knowledge, to boost and improve banking systems and technology.
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