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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:59
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Organization Structure
Marriott Hotels and Resorts is an international flagship brand boasting full-service resorts and hotels. This brand is constantly expanding in order to conquer new territories. The new division in the Marriott Hotels and Resorts is inspired by a gap in the hotel industry. With increasing demand for tourist resorts around the world, the international flagship company is inspired to start a new division to cater to the gap. In this respect, Marriott Hospitality and Leisure will add to the growing list of properties under the Marriott Hotels and Resorts portfolio. Additionally, the division will autonomously carry out its operations while at the same remain integrated with the Marriott Brand.
The size if this division exemplifies the vision of the whole expansion project. A 100 room hotel spread over in thirteen storey new building will be constructed. The facilities envisioned in the hotel will be five-star in line with the needs of the market. The division will employ four hundred employees in its various departments. However, this is subject to changes as the circumstances dictate.
The role of Technology in the Division
Technology has a central role in the operations of the new division. To create a remarkable experience for the customers, the hotel will integrate shading systems lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Other technological features envisioned in the proposed division are desk-free check ins that are enabled by a tablet personal computer, iPod Touch supplied to all customers that is preloaded with music, games and all the need-to-know information concerning the hotel and its immediate environment. Customers will also enjoy complimentary unlimited broadband access, video-on-demand for those customers that love movies.
The rooms will also be fitted with sci-fi flourish that includes among others finger-print technology for those customers who want to access their boudoir. Biometrics will be used in place of key cards by customers in order to access their rooms. Penthouse suites will feature retinal scan technology to access the doors. The operations of the hotel will be performed in a computerized system that integrates and synchronizes all the departments in the hotel. The operations of the hotels will be essentially paperless.
Organization Agility in the Division
Organizational agility entails working at the speed of opportunity. Due to market turbulence, organizational agility is critical to the business. Enhanced agility will be beneficial to the division in the form of increased revenues, improved operational efficiency and more satisfied employees and customers. Although agility will be challenging given the size of the organization, the following will be operationalized in order to enhance the agility of the new division. The inverse power law posits that companies experience a constant flow of diminutive opportunities, periodic midsize opportunities and rare chances to generate significant value. In order to be strategically agile, the new division will exploit the small opportunities brought about by changes in the market by ensuring a diverse talent base in its human resource.
Portfolio agility is also an important indicator of the overall agility of a business. The new division will offer a cocktail of leisure packages in order to appeal to a diverse number of customers. Resource allocation will be done with regards to turn over and projected growth in the different packages. Additionally, the objectives for the various packages will be different base on the developmental state and long-term potential. Relevant departments will constantly scan the environment for new opportunities. Another aspect of organizational agility that the new division will emphasize on is the operation agility of the division. The division will continually explore and exploit cost-cutting and revenue-enhancing opportunities within the core of the business in a quick, effective and consistent manner. This will be done by investing in systems that gather and disseminate information requisite to spotting these opportunities and developing processes that transform organizational priorities into focused actions (Qiu,. 2013).
Employee benefits
Employees of the new divisions will enjoy fringe benefits in terms of non-wage compensations. While some of these benefits are imposed by the law, others are given by the new division as appreciation of the efforts of the human resource and in order to remain competitive. Fringe benefits that the employees will enjoy include housing allowance, commuter allowance employer-paid group insurance retirement benefits, paid sick leave, and annual leave, social security and disability income protection. These benefits will be enjoyed by employees who are confirmed by the human resource department as permanent employees. Employees on probationary term will be exempt from such benefits.
Performance appraisals
After a specified period of time, the human resource department will evaluate the performance of the employees against stipulated indicators. The human resource department will periodically review the performance of the employees against factors like job knowledge, leadership abilities, versatility, and quantity of output, quality of output, dependability, supervision, cooperation, initiative, judgment and health. Performance appraisals will be used to inform promotions, competency building, conformations, training and development, compensation reviews and to improve communication in the division (O'Fallon & Rutherford, 2011).
Organizational Structure
Vertical Organizational Structure
The hotel is going to be headed by a general manager. Working under the general manager are the line managers overseeing the various departments in the hotel. The line managers answer directly to the general manager and are responsible for implementing policies and meeting the bottom lines in their various departments. The departments in the hotel include the rooms division, food and beverage department, sales and marketing division, accounting division, engineering and maintenance division, security division and the human resource division. All these departments are headed by appointed heads of department and report to the operations manager with the exception of the human resource department and accounting department that report directly to the general manager.
Horizontal Structure
Horizontal structure will be evident in the various departments and units in the organization. Workers in the small units will be responsible for making their own decisions and will not be supervised. They will report directly to the head of the department of the unit. For instance, the uniformed services unit under the rooms division will not have supervisors to oversee the execution of duties. Instead, workers in the uniformed services unit will answer directly to their unit head. This will eliminate many layers of management (Qiu,. 2013).
Organizational integration
Various departments units in the hotel will work independently and collectively in order to deliver on the shared vision, goals and objectives. The shared goals are borrowed from the mother organization, Marriott International. Although the new division will operate autonomously, the general manager is answerable to the group chief executive officer.
The new division of Marriott International will strive to follow in the brand strength developed over time by offering quality services and envisioning innovation.
O'Fallon, M. J., & Rutherford, D. G. (2011). Hotel management and operations. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.
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