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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:46
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What Is Your Attitude Being a Manager?
A manager in any field is deemed to have all the required attributes of being a manager. The manager is responsible for planning and then directing the duties allocated to individuals. They are expected to act in an effective manner through coordinated monitoring the work done and carrying out the necessary and sufficient correction of the failed actions. This is done when it is deemed necessary. Ideally, the management posts fit the individuals who have supervisory abilities. In most areas, the managers are expected to have the proceedings in the organization or firm that they are allocated the responsibilities. That is; they are expected to have direct or indirect worker supervision of the workers. Therefore, the planning, organizing, staffing and coordinating skills are deemed essential for the one to perform in an exemplary manner.
Accordingly, I believe that being a manager is a career privilege, as well as, a stern challenge to the individuals who are allocated the responsibility of being a manager. First, for one to be an effective manager, he or she is expected to have ample knowledge about all the activities that are taking place in the firm that he or she is managing. Similarly, the manager is required to have a genuine awareness of the groups that have been allocated different duties. This is because the manager is the one that decides the criteria used when delegating responsibilities. One of the advantages that are accrued to the managers is that they are not supposed to have perfect knowledge concerning the all the activities carried out within the organization. They are expected to have general knowledge that can assist them to have an easy time managing the organization.
Consequently, the title of being a manager is what that stands in his expectations. For instance, one can only be the manager of some field that he is aware. That is; a finance manager will take care of the accounts, the human resource manager will take care of the human resource, and the design manager will take care of the construction docket. The most challenging elements of being a management are that it is an all inclusive job. The responsibilities tend to get out of hand sometimes. For example, the manager is expected to take responsibility of failure or success of any economic activities that result within the organization. This means that the manager has to exercise his duties of organizing, staffing, coordinating and planning to the best of precision. Ideally, being a manager is bust to one's career. However, it is one of the most inclusive activities in the world. Ideally one is deemed to be effective, he or she has to adopt the changes that are taking place in the international arena.
What Is Your Guiding Ethical Principle
Ethical principles are essential for one to run any program effectively. In the same case, they are important for people to have a common cohesion point. In a bid to act professionally, it is important to engage professional, global, and merged existence. The principles are deemed to act as a guide to different operation and inter-staff coordination with the management. In my career as a manager, I believe that acting professionally in a capacity to work on the upcoming responsibilities of being a manager. I comprehensively understand that some of the professional duties are deemed to be complete if they are executed with precise ethical order. In my daily operations, there are different ethical principles that act as a guide to successful goal approach. Attributes that are important to me include the readiness to disclose information to the workmates. However, the ethical principle that I have given a limelight is the impartiality or the objectivity ethic.
I am goal oriented. That is; I believe in achieving the designated goals stipulated in the organizations policy forum. The impartiality character trait manifested in the whole process is deemed to be a source of success for any organization, that is, determination is essential for one to have a continual strategy. For instance, if the organization aims at achieving a long time set milestone, I believe in keeping my entire attention to achieve the goal with impartiality.
How Well Are You Suited to Becoming a Global Manager?
Being a global manager is quite a challenge. However, it is a corporate responsibility to develop a management career from a local to an international one. Therefore, I am expected to serve differently than I should when I have local responsibilities. For instance, being a global manager, there are some character traits that have been installed into me. Ethical principle suited for the global perspective has been well installed in me. For instance, I have the ability to extend reliable communication in most of the areas in the world. One of the influencing factors is the knowhow of the different languages that are used from different global areas. Success in global management is also influenced by how good one can communicate.
The management course installed in me a status of professionalism where I have learned some of the intensively used business-international laws. There is also a level of international accountability where one can effectively cooperate and negotiate with the international governments to ensure that the interests of the company are understood. In addition, I have the intention of considering both the local and global impact in terms of incorporating all the cultures within the organization. Therefore, some of the virtues that I deem to be essential include the need to consider the benefits of the society before personal interests.
Some of the virtues that I accrued from the training gained in the management class include the need to have global justice. In addition, I leant that must one to have responsibility for all the activities that the organization carries out. Accordingly, this training is essential in manifesting a successful manager. Being a global manager, must I consider the environmental stewardship strategy in order for men to succeed.
What Is Your Decision-Making Style?
Decision making is identified to be the management approach where one engages in the evaluation of different options that are necessary for the optimal performance of the organization. In a bid to gather some techniques through which I am supposed incorporate for me to make realistic decisions. Management is made professional if the decisions made are realistic. That is; every situation calls for a unique or designated strategy of making decisions.
The major strategy that I make use of in decision making is the conceptual style of decision making. That is, and my major concern is garnering long-term results. There has to be a consultative approach of the issue before making any decision. That is; different members of the organization are deemed to be important in the decision making process. The strategy requires one to brainstorm the ideas and alternatives provided during the decision making process. That means that the decisions made aim at taking higher risks that emerge. Accordingly, there is no idea that should be eliminated. Different ideas should be tabled and used to ensure that the results identified are essentially uprising.
How Strong Is Your Desire for Performance Feedback?
Performance feedback is one of the acts of seizing and interpreting the differentiated result assessment carried out in the organization. I deem performance feedback to be very important. It is one of the pathways that are ensured in case of professional management process.
Most importantly, I believe that the performance feedback links to the plans that are aimed at developing better strategies to improve the output of the subject organization. There are some principles that I consider important in the process of providing performance feedback. I consider using the specific statements that are not ambiguous to issue the real description of the recent developments in the financial, as well as economic performance. I am determined to have periodic and frequent performance assessment and feedback. This is essential to ensure the performance is well assessed. Failure to adopt this strategy would mean that the performance of the organization is not considered to be the premier reason behind the foundation of the organization.
How adaptable are you?
In any management position, a leader is always prone to many challenges that often require assertiveness and decisive action to overcome the challenge. A manager must deliberate within himself and with the involvement of all stakeholders, a plan that will handle the current or speculated task. I have learned about the ability to relent one’s values and ethics in order to respond to the prevailing task. Organization is the essence of adaptation in any managerial leadership position because it enables the leader to understand the varied roles and thinking capacities of different individuals. Therefore, it will be easy for a leader to assess the impact of every individual’s opinion coordination also plays a key role in one’s easiness to adapt to new leadership or managerial position. The new leader should be able to blend with the new environment by upholding the predecessor’s quality principles and modifying them into his or her leadership style in order to enhance continuity of the organization’s agenda.
I plan to improve my adaptive ability through utilization of organizing and coordination managerial functions as well as inculcating the character of involving other people through interactive sessions as a strategy to learn and endorse their character and beliefs into my mind. Therefore, the course has been an eye-opener that individuals have different stance and manner of handling issues, and it requires the voluntary mental attitude of a leader to understand, appreciate and adapt to their environment.
Emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence is the ability of an individual recognizes his or her own attitude when making decisions and recognizes other people’s opinions and sentiments. The leader incorporates other individuals’ suggestions in order to make an amicable decision. The leadership quality has become an imperative ingredient in the managers’ leadership menu due to democracy and cultural diversity of people that has enabled humans to recognize their role and position in addressing the concerns facing them in life. Through the course, I have learned that emotional intelligence is the epitome of implementing ethical standards of the organization through coordination. As a result, leading and controlling of junior officers in the company becomes easy. Additionally, the course has taught me that emotional intelligence enables managers to maximize on their subjective maximize decision –making style.
On a self-assessment basis, I had never created emphasizes on the contribution of other people in the decision –making process. I had always believed that consultations and brainstorming sessions were derailing factors in the running of an organization or company. However, the course has enlightened my leadership style that controlled consultations are the condiment to attain effective decisions in an organization. Emotional intelligence facilitates an individual’s understanding why people reason differently and also eliminates bureaucracy in an organization.
I plan to participate in leadership organizations in my community so that I can reverse the unilateral attitude in my mind to accommodate and value other peoples’ views as equally important. The course serves as a strategic preparation of my aspirations to become a senior manager since it inculcates the essence of the subjective approach to issues in an organization. I, therefore, believe that the lessons learned will contribute immensely in my endeavors to control, plan, organize and coordinate all employees and activities in an organization. What is your Conflict management style?
In any organization, conflict is an inevitable issue that arises due to the varied opinions of individuals. Human beings are rational and would always prefer to maximize their objectives in their own way without accepting the hindrance of other people’s opinions. Conflict is, therefore, an inevitable challenge in management and effective capitalization on it may build a strong foundation of an organization. The course taught on the Kilmann/Thomas model of conflict management styles that include collaborating, accommodating, avoiding, competing and compromising. The course taught about the benefits and disadvantages to each of them thus facilitating a self-assessment approach.
Finally, I realized that I am very collaborative when resolving contentious issues among people. However, my absolute collaborative approach leads to a comprising situation as I strive emotionally to accommodate other stakeholder's views. The author indicated that avoidance and competition styles lead to mismanagement of the organization. In addition, collaboration is the best conflict management style but it absolute accommodation is not healthy for a managerial environment.
My plan is to strive in controlling my extreme emotional accommodative style in resolving conflicts to avoid endorsing a detrimental compromise. I plan to participate in seminars and workshops where I shall attentively horn my skills by observing how managers resolve conflicting ethical situations in their workplaces. I also plan to enroll in leadership courses as well as internships where I will learn how to solve issues among employees. My ambition shall be to substitute absolute collaboration with partial assertiveness in order to eliminate detrimental comprise in management. The topic on conflict management has inculcated strategic thinking tool that will assist in controlling and controlling junior officers in my future position as a manager.
Communication learning style
Effective communication is portrayed as a key tool in enhancing effective decision-making in an organization. It is the connecting chain that conjoins all the managerial functions to enhance productive management in an organization. The course on managerial behaviors noted the different communication styles associated with each and the influence of the styles in their daily activities. Through personal assessment, I learned that my communication style is a social or interpersonal intelligence approach of communicating with other people. The interpersonal communication style users are very welcoming and effective in both verbal and non-verbal communications. Additionally, such individuals are sensitive to other parties’ opinions and mostly prefer to engage others in groups to accommodate their opinions. Such characters are effective in their leadership positions, but most are faced with the dilemma of quick decision making due to long deliberative sessions. The traits rhymed with my character traits and, therefore, felt the need to conduct a personal review.
My plan to challenge the issue of slows decision –making is to limit my accommodative approach and instead instill partial assertiveness especially in making controlling the implementation of ethical standards in the workplace. My other area of improvement is to adopt digital communication styles as e-mail, Skype and other social platforms in order to enhance simultaneous conveyance of information to the relevant parties. The technological approach will save on time and cost of management. The plans will be perfected by participating in community organizations, workshops and computer course to learn on internet communication platform.
The topic on communication style has been helpful because it has facilitated in understanding the different communication styles possessed by different individuals and how they influence effective communication in the workplace as well as other social places. The course has prepared my mind in my future aspirations of associating with people in a managerial position.
Do you have good time management skills?
Challenges that managers face include time management where the organization intends to stick within the projected time frame of completing a specific project. Proper coordination of managerial functions is the culmination of effective utilization of time and saving on managerial costs. The course emphasized that incentives to the employees is a good approach to ensure that employees exert all their effort in implementing a certain project. However, time-management is always accompanied by quality service delivery in an organization. I learned that time management succeed without a plan. Every leader should invite all parties and involve them drafting a project schedule along with the time schedule for the entire project. Slack time should be allowed for adjustments below and above the projected completion time.
On a self-assessment basis, I have weak time-management skills and would strive to improve before embarking on the management in any organization. The course has indicated that the basis to improve in time management is to draft a plan where every target has a timeline, as well as projected completion time. Formation of teams is the best approach since it enhances both quality products and set targets due to a competitive environment. Effective decision making style and Incentives to employees could serve as the driving forces to effective time management and attainment of set targets. I intend to update my management skills by drafting a time schedule for my personal projects as well as participate in the community leadership positions.
The topic has been fruitful in inculcating managerial skills by providing teachings on preparing activity and time plan as a basis for enhancing continuous interaction of managerial functions in an organization.
Kinicki, A. & Williams, B. (2013). “Management: A Practical Introduction.” (6thed.). McGraw-Hill. ISBN – 13: 9780077757410

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