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Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:19
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Saxonville Sausage Company
Saxonville Sausage Company was a family owned company with its headquarters in Saxonville, Ohio. In the year 2005, the company had revenue of $1.5 billion. The company generated different pork products primarily fresh sausage instead of semi-dried or smoked. The company’s branded products included: breakfast sausage, bratwurst which generated 70% of the company’s revenues, links and patties and Vivio which is an Italian sausage. The breakfast products and bratwurst products were sold out in the United States but very little sales in the Northeastern region markets. In the year 2004, the sale of the two products was decreasing nationwide. In 2005, the company positioned sixth out of eight sausage companies. The Italian sausage Vivio was the only product showing growth, but, it was only available in only 16% of the nation’s markets. Anne Banks was hired in the year 2005 so as to help the company conquer the Italian market, due to this reason. This was to be done by either developing the Vivio as a national product or a new brand. Anne had experience having worked in development work and brand identity and was very eager to work in a smaller organization.
The Family Connect Strategy
Every marketing strategy focuses on different functional benefits and different customer emotions. The family connect strategy aims at discovering a product that will bring the whole family together. The strategy visualizes a family including parents and children sitting together around the dinner table having dinner, talking and being happy together. It focuses on creating an aroma of natural spices and fresh herbs that draw people together because most of the lives best moments, are created over a good meal. This strategy is advantageous as it has not yet been exploited by many companies and is bound on emotions of the customers. It is also consistent with the Saxonville “The family company” mark. The strategy was supported by the majority and had a score of 54% and was the highest vote as compared to the other strategies. When the strategy was assessed, the purchase intent of the buyers showed that 81% of the customers will definitely buy the product if the strategy is used.
Saxonville Italian Sausage
The name chosen for this product is Saxonville Italian Sausage. This is because the name was well received by many consumers regardless of whether they used the breakfast products and the brats. The Saxonville moniker “the family company” was well known by users, and they believed that anything coming from Saxonville was of good quality.
Brand ladder for Saxonville Italian Sausage
Value A job well done
Emotional Benefit Feeding the family good food
Helping the children have good family memories
Functional Benefit Getting a whole lot done.
Using creativity to come up with better meals
Attributes Easy to prepare
A potential tagline for the brand will be “Family comes first”. This shows the product’s depiction of being a family meal and will attract the homemakers. The label will be enhanced by using graphics like the Italian flag or background pictures and stickers that attract attention. The package size will also be increased and have shapes of dinner plates on it and include recipes that the woman can use to prepare a meal. There will be immense advertising on the newspapers, televisions commercials and radio so as to attract the customer’s attention.
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