Sample Research Proposal On Social Mobility

Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:02
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Social mobility is the social standing of persons with regard to their classes and position in the social hierarchy. People move from one position in their social standing to the other depending on different factors that directly affect them. In the context of socioeconomic and political problems, the lives of many people are affected negatively, and this affects their social mobility. Naturally, it is expected that move up the hierarchy (vertical mobility) and not downwards.
Mobility is usually enabled by many aspects. Human and social capital can act as a standard gauge that can influence the change. When people are competent and end up putting more energy into labor, their levels of income goes up. This change will translate into change of social standing, and in this case for the better (Lipset & Bendix 1992). When this is coupled with assistance from a given network of people, then the change will be experienced among a huge number of people who belong to the same social standing. Human and social capital at times, can impact a downward spiral of the economic standing of people, and this will translate to life changing from good to bad.
Political factors also play a key role in determining whether there is positive social mobility. In the event that the political landscape of a nation is unstable, then the lives of people get worse. A stable political climate is a prerequisite for an economically stable population, and this means that people can easily move up the ladder (Lipset & Bendix 1992). Even so, a bad political environment can propel a certain group and not all people. Social mobility is the foundation of some political ideologies and, therefore, the two remain intertwined, for better or for worse.
Lipset, S. M. & Bendix, R. (1992). Social Mobility in Industrial Society. New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers.

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