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Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:26
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Theoretical Background
The theoretical foundation for this study will be provided by Value Based Management and Control Theory as mentioned by Ashworth & James (2001). Value based management is a process which attempts to link management strategy, measurement, and day-to-day practices with the objective to create shareholder value (Arsakularatne, 2011). Control theory postulates that performance of any company depends on the mode of CEO appointment. Companies with internally appointed CEOs are known to be more profitable than companies with externally appointed CEOs. Researchers relate this to the accountability and competence of internally appointed CEOs compared with externally appointed CEOs who are mostly appointed based on political power and influence (Strange, 2008).
- Research Question
The overall guiding research question is as follows:
Is there a difference in company performance between internally and externally appointed CEOs as evidenced by measures of shareholder values?
Performance will be represented by the following measures:
Share Price Movements
Net profit margins
Return on assets
Return on equity
Net asset value
The measures will be further described and defined in the methodology section.
- Research Methodology
Research Design
This study will use Quantitive research to come up with a conclusion that companies with internally appointed CEO perform better than those with externally appointed CEOs. Audited financial reports of various companies in Vietnam will be analyzed. Also, records from the registrar of companies as well as the reports from revenue authority of Vietnam will be analyzed to come up with a conclusion of the research topic (Zikmund, 2013).
Data Collection
The companies studied will be those whose CEOs have been in place for five consecutive years and will be categorized in respect to being internally or externally appointed. This information will be obtained from the human resource department of these companies since they have all the records of the employees of the company including the CEOs. In order to ensure smooth communication, intern who are fluent in Vietnamese and English language will play a vital role in the effort of contacting companies since they will translate Vietnamese into English language, which will be used to help in making statistical analysis. Net profit margins, return on assets, return on equity, and net asset value will be obtained for the last year of the consecutive years.
Data Analysis
Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) will be used ( Tabachnick, B. G. & Fidell, L. S. 1996 ). MANOVA is appropriate when there are multiple dependent variables as will be the case for this study with four dependent variables. In addition to determining the statistical significance for the combined set of the four variables one-way ANOVAs are also provided as part of MANOVA the results.
- Data Sources Rights of the Companies
The sources of the data will be based on organizations from the Vietnam. This was from different literature written from different scholars who had done research concerning the shareholder value creation and the appointment of internal versus external CEOs. All the rights of the participants will be protected in accordance to the ethical rights of research.
- Legal Issues
The researcher will comply with the law requirement of the Vietnam that requires that the information provided by the company for study purposes should not be used for other purposes rather than the purpose stated when asking for such information. Also, the right to confidentiality and privacy of participants will be highly respected as required by the law. Participants will not coerced to give information nor will they the companies information be revealed to other parties who have interest in the company (Leedy, 2013). Participants to the study will be required to of sound mind and of majority age. Where disclosure of the company’s name will be unavoidable, the research will seek permission from the management of the company and sign an agreement that will be showing that the company authorized its name to be used for the research work. However, the research will ensure that there is compliance to all the legal requirement when doing research work such as compliance to the intellectual property rights of Vietnam, compliance with the international human rights and compliance to various companies Acts.
Leedy, P. D., & Ormrod, J. E. (2013). Practical research: Planning and design. Boston: Pearson.
Strange, R., & Jackson, G. (2008). Corporate governance and international business: Strategy, performance and institutional change. Basingstoke [England: Palgrave Macmillan.
Zikmund, W. G. (2013). Business research methods. Mason, OH: South-Western.

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