Sample Case Study On Ethical Issue At Stake

Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:40
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Sally Thompson is one of the three assistant branch managers who have just been employed by Breakfast Foods, Inc. (BFI). Her assignment is to increase the company’s share of the market in the adult cereal market. This will be achieved using two marketing strategies namely, advertising and labeling.
The ethics behind these two strategies require that the company should disclose all the relevant information about the content of the food products that they offer to their target market. Buyer-seller transactions should involve the complete disclosure of all relevant information regarding the quality and quantity of the product. The adults need to be informed about the content of the cereals that they consume. In addition, adjustments in price charged should be justified accordingly. Market penetration should be achieved in an honest way.
Conflicts leading to Ethical Issue
Many scientific reports reveal that there is a high correlation between foods rich in fiber and cancer. The requirement that food manufacturing companies such as BFI need to sell healthy food products to its customers often acts as a source of conflict when these companies fail to do so. Many companies have been accused of not caring about the health of the market which they serve. Sally is a health conscious individual. This is because apart from falling victim to cancer, she also lost her father to the disease. Therefore, she understands the public’s fear of cancer from personal experience. It would be socially acceptable for the company to produce cereal that does not complicate the health of their customers. This is because good health of the customers ensures continuity in business.
Involvement of External Stakeholders
The National Cancer Institute provided useful information about the foods that lead to or prevent cancer. Research from the organization showed that with the right kind of foods, individuals can avoid getting cancer. The actions taken by competitors also influence the strategies that the company will be adopted by the company to a large extent. The government may also through the necessary legislation regulate food manufacturing industry. Sally must apply her own personal attributes and qualities to help her to assess and analyze the best way to address the concerns of these outside parties.
Perspective of others within the company
Sally believes that incorporating the issue of health claims in the marketing of the product will be effective strategy. She manages to convince Joe that adults are particularly aware of the importance of good health and will be interested to buy food products which reduce their visits to the doctor. Sally exhibits the traits of a good leader by doing this; self driven, self confident and flexible to the ideas of others. Although Tom who is supposed to technically advise her seems to be doubtful about the effectiveness of the strategy, she manages to defend her idea to the end. Ultimately, she gets the support of both her colleagues. This shows that as a leader she is a team player.
Perspective of different groups of people
Sally is in charge of a project to increase the company’s share of adult cereal sales in the market. She is expected to consult with Tom and Joe in coming up with a feasible plan of how to achieve this goal. She first conducts a background check on the market trends using material prepared and compiled by her predecessor. This gives her an insight of the new assignment in question. She then continues to prepare a preliminary ad campaign. The urgency of the assignment requires her to trust that she is doing the right thing. However, Joe reassures her that the health campaign will work as the company has previously benefited in an indirect manner from the bran-cancer connection. Sally is a transformational leader because she intends to improve the health of the society around her.
Role of top management
Both Tom and Joe are top level managers who Sally is supposed to consult for her project. Tom is the group product manager for the Natural Cereal Division. On the other hand, Joe is a newly promoted product manager. These two managers possess a wealth of experience in the food manufacturing industry. They are therefore better placed to provide the technical advice necessary to help Sally conduct a successful project, which involves increasing the market share of adult cereal. Top management is better knowledgeable and experienced to point out flaws in the project.
Recommendations on leadership involvement
- Good leaders should have proper listening skills. Good leaders should have the ability to listen to the ideas of others whether they agree or disagree with the ideas.
- Good leaders should be self-driven. They are motivated by the urge to succeed in their responsibilities.
- Good leaders should ensure that the funds of the company are spent prudently. This means that the resources of the company should be put to use so that the targets of the company are met.
- Leaders should face unique challenges. Effective leaders thrive under the challenges that they face in the process of discharging their tasks and responsibilities.

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