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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:29
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Article Summary and Review
Article Summary and Review
Summary of the Article
The article entitled “Observing differences in verbal communication: Filipino and British manager-subordinate interactions” written by Callaghan, Wilson, & Wright (1996) proffered pertinent issues relative to comparing verbal leader behavior as exhibited by British and Filipino managers. The authors initially discussed unique cultural differences using a review of related literature. As disclosed, there are a number of Filipino values which were deemed contributory as influential to smooth interpersonal relationships centering on high concern for the family, patience, authority, as well as economic self-sufficiency. Likewise, these values and identified attitudes were noted to have potential positive or negative consequences to organizational behavior. In addition, the dimensions of culture of these two countries, the Philippines and Britain were examined through Hofstede’s research, especially in terms of dimensions of individualism-collectivism, power distance, masculinity, and uncertainty avoidance. Through a study which was participated by 122 British managers and 22 Filipino managers, the authors conducted a simulated interview which were video-recorded for future evaluation. Questionnaires were also completed by the interviewees and subsequently classified and coded according to verbal behavior categories: manager and subordinate behaviors. The findings revealed the following: (1) that Filipino managers apparently exhibited lesser rewarding behaviors, as compared to their British counterparts; (2) that Filipino managers were noted to exemplify lesser evaluating and deterring behavior; (3) similar levels of rewarding and supporting behaviors were exhibited by both British and Filipino managers; (4) that Filipino subordinates exhibited lesser deterring, enquiring, evaluating; but similar patterns on suggesting behavior with British subordinates; and (5) listening behavior were not significantly different among Filipino and British managers and subordinates.
The research methodology and design was also explained in a concise and clear manner; including the detailed hypotheses that were formulated. As such, the discussion of results and findings were linked to the hypotheses and provided support through the previous studies that were mentioned in the brief review of literatures. It was likewise commendable on the part of the authors to disclose the limitations of the study which could impact the results that were generated. These limitations included the significantly small sample size of Filipino managers, as compared to the British managers who participated in the study. Likewise, one also agreed that the coding scheme and questionnaire which were designed to cater to the Western culture could also have affected the results.
Concurrently, one also observed that there was no mention at all regarding the Filipino’s competency in using English as a second language as forming an important part on their capacities to respond in the interview. Although common knowledge have asserted that Filipinos have an exemplary command of English as their second language since this was predominantly used as their medium of instruction in the various levels of academic pursuits. Overall, the study generated relevant findings in terms of considering cultural differnces in interpersonal and organizational communication as contributing to effectiveness in working in a foreign culture.
Callaghan, C., Wilson, H., & Wright, P. (1996). Observing differences in verbal communication: Filipino and British manager-subordinate interactions. Retrieved from Journal of Managerial Psychology:

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