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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:04
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Shapiro (2008) elaborates that RTI model applies the tiered instructional processes. This instructional process result is the one that drives changes in the students as they meet their academic expectations. The tiered education represents a model that has varied instructions to the children depending on each children’s difficulty.RTI model has three tiers of the instructional process. The main component of the component is at tiered one where the students receive instruction using a scientific core program. The instructional program contains a math curriculum aligned with the state standards. The aim of the math curriculum is to establish a known result to develop the skill on the target area.

I will fix the curriculum as I implement the RTI model to ensure it aligns with the curriculum and the standards to maintain high expectations by monitoring it frequently. I will endeavor to remove gaps and redundancies in the new curricula. I will embrace team spirit in the concept to ensure success in the result of the design. I will apply several meetings with the class students to schedule the implementation plan. This focus will ensure the students learn to affect their social, economic status. I will build relationships with the children in the classroom to provide intervention in case of struggling children. I will use a rubric as a guide in the selection process.

The inherent limitation of Tier one to satisfy successful result in the teacher and the students in the classroom will necessitate the need for me to introduce Tier two and Tier 3. I will introduce Tier two to support the children whose result is below the required threshold. I will use the assessment process to identify this group of children. This education program is capable of focusing on the specific needs in the course of the assessment. I will incorporate Tier two program in small groups of children. Each group will have five children in the classroom. The children at tier two depict a result below the expected benchmark and have less intensive needs than the rest of the children. The instructional program at Tier two makes an effort to develop the skill of the children as per the standards of the curriculum. I will also use Tier three to address the instances of children who are above the benchmark since that is a risky area that indicates a high probability of failure. I will use smaller groups consisting of three children in every group to identify special education needs.

In conclusion, Response to Intervention (RTI) Program has a design to address the curriculum, by transforming into a three-tier system. The main objective of using a tiered education is to establish a workable schedule to maximize the school personnel resources to ensure joint effort of all the teaching staff in the school. Shapiro (2008) finds that schools can adopt the RTL model to assign specific blocks every day using the tiered instruction that proves as a workable mechanism for the organization. To incorporate fully the RTI, school districts must evaluate their capability to build and implement RTI practices in all academic and classroom environment. The plan adopted by the school districts must include capacity building. This plan takes several years to achieve fully it and school districts must start small before engaging in a comprehensive approach.


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