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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:43
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Edwin’s posting is comprehensive and affirms the duty of the nurse in withdrawal or withholding of a treatment procedure in ration to conflicting opinions from family members. In his view, and the law in general, the patient is in a state where they cannot be relied upon to make a decision on the treatment procedure they prefer. However, the husband proposes that the patient’s wish was that a ventilator feeding tube poor any other form of supporting life should not be sued while she is under treatment. In this situation, as Edwin offers, the siblings do not hold any decision over the treatment pattern that should be applied as the patient is already married the husband holds the position of the surrogate.

However, as Edwin asserts, the nurse holds the responsibility of resolving conflicts between family members as well as taking responsibility for any action taken (Westrick, 2014). Thus, the decision should not just be laid upon the views of the husband. The nurse should engage the authorities within the facility and in specific the ethics team to help resolve the decisional conflict. Engaging the authorities would avert any possible legal proceeding that may be instituted again the nurse. Otherwise, as Edwin stresses, the husband holds a greater role as a surrogate than any other member of the family. Thus, in any outcome whatsoever, his decision should have the greatest weight in this matter.

Response: Edith’s posting

While Edith seems to offer a detailed approach to the issue, there are aspects she seems to avoid, which are crucial in this case. One of them, is the very fact that the family or surrogate holds a significant role in the decision making process of the treatment procedure. By asserting that it is “morally obligatory if it is attaining the intended purpose of providing nourishment to the patient and the alleviation of suffering”, she fails to provide the very fact that the family or surrogate should be entirely involved in any decision. At the same time, the value of continued support for life depends on the decision of a surrogate or the family. The role of health care is to support life and ensure that the patient suffering and pain is reduced. However, healthcare decisions should take concern of the cultural beliefs of the patient and as stated by their surrogates or themselves if they are in a position to do so (Westrick, 2014). Otherwise, despite the outcome, the patient or the family would not be contented with the role of the nurse in the case.

What Edith seems to forego, is that the role of the nurse in this case is not just to provide the treatment procedure they consider effective, but to bring into agreement the conflicting views among the surrogates involved herein.

In my view, I do not see the connection between this case and how it may affect other patients’ treatment or response in the long run in the event that the nurse decides to abide by the decision of the husband. While Edith offers her view, it contradicts the very notion that health care decisions should reflect the decision of the patient or their surrogates (Westrick, 2014). Edith fails to understand that the husband has a greater role in this issue than any of the other members considering that the patient is a married lady. She, therefore, has a close companion who should not only be consulted, but also advised by the health team.
Westrick, S. J. (2014). Essentials of Nursing Law and Ethics (second ed.). Burlington, Md: Jones and Bartlett Learning. Retrieved March 26, 2014

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