Research Proposal On Seeking Knowledge From The Cradle To The Grave

Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:20
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Knowledge from the time of infancy to the time of death is acquired through the methods of learning, education, observation and through the use of reason. I want to shed light on the importance of knowledge to an individual’s life and how wealth in knowledge helps improve one’s lifestyle. It’s a fact of today’s life that wealth in education translates to success in careers; however knowledge gained in the process of educating oneself is important. Through experience and observation one is more aware of his/her surrounding and is equipped to influence such factors or situations to their favor. Knowledge is therefore important to an individual’s survival and comfort, and through this topic I can learn how to use observation and sense to reason effectively for better decision making when faced by a situation. A key condition to possession of knowledge is spreading the knowledge to others who live in darkness; I would therefore strive to study on educating or teaching techniques that are most effective to different kind of learners. By studying the forms of knowledge and means of education will assist to spreading the knowledge and ensure that students understand and are able to apply such education to their lives. Learning is a continuous process where pleasure or joy can be derived from the activity, through understanding how to experience the joy of learning seeking knowledge would transform from an effort-bearing activity into a passion. Once passion is established into something effort into its acquisition is barely felt, therefore education and learning will not fade off an individual as age deteriorates the physical body.
Most of the information that may gained through learning this topic will come from textbooks and other written material e.g. the Quran advised for the class by the lecturer. Other research material can be obtained from the library or internet sources in order to heighten understanding. Apart from the physical texts prescribed for the reference purposes, I plan on making keen observations of how teachers teach students in and out of class so as to emulate their techniques. How to control the class or maintain discipline and how to make certain that students understand content taught; are some of skills I would like to learn. Listening to lectures and paying attention to fellow students’ comments concerning the topic can help better understanding of written materials. Discussions with the lecturer and other students provide an overview of key elements and fresh light on complicated issues. These can be achieved through attending lectures and group discussions with peers.
After the leaning experience is over I expect to have improved my teaching skills, with attention to improving student understanding in whatever subject. I also hope to have improved decision making skills through exercising rationale from knowledge, observation and all senses. This will help me better handle conditions or situations life thereby enjoying a safer and comfortable existence with others. I also intent to cultivate a culture of learning and exploring in myself in order to be able to derive happiness and satisfaction from knowing more and searching for more knowledge.
Ibrahim S. (2009). The Pleasures of Seeking Knowledge. Retrieved from

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