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Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:23
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Part 1:

Thanks a lot for writing in and considering our company worthy of providing you with services. Kindly find the response attached below:
We have a reputed name in the industry and we have always kept the clients as a priority in terms of the satisfaction level.

Coming to your questions

We would be more than pleased to get into business contract with you , and I am pleased to inform you that nearly all of the services you have asked for can be facilitated to you, regarding the timings, we have delivered services to clients in time periods shorter than this and this time we will also make sure to provide the services in minimum time possible, however I will confirm to you the final word once the exact details are provided about the number of items required and the point of delivery.

Coming to your questions:

Regarding the shipment, we assure in time delivery and with the state of the art transport mechanism in place in our company, we have delivered the goods and services outside the country in lesser time so delivery by 15th August would be no issue once the final agreement is reached.

We provide one year warranty on the kitchen ware and 6 months without charges services and support function to any place within the country.

Regarding the costs, I will attach the pamphlet and detailed manual that will give u idea about the items and their price ranges. And yes, we do provide discounts on large orders.

We also provide special and separate electrical outlet.

Our appliances are easy to use and through self your help, they can be installed and used, still if any student finds it hard to interpret, we provide manuals, guides and our service agents can show up any time if there is any need for clarification.

Part 2:

Bad new letters

Kwong must gather all the information that is needed to be addressed. He must gather information about the tax services values, along with the entries that were used and presented previous year. He must also keep an account of the past letter and the mistakes committed in order to make sure that such mistakes do not take place again.

He can choose positive words for negative letter by keeping his tone low, addressing the concerned party in a respectful way such as “respectable”, secondly using of the word apology or regret may also be used to keep the tempo of the words and theme down. Offering any kind of assistance and feedback may also help keeping the client’s temper down over the remarked change in values and error committed.

The possible reason for choosing indirect means could possibly be to avoid any direct confrontation or displeasure of the clients party, secondly since it is a clear act of mistake on behalf of company therefore direct means may not had been appropriate to use.

It will be wise to apologize to earn back the favors of the clients for they may have been offended by the mistake which is now causing them additional amount payment.
Kwong can end the letter on positive note by talking of the future ventures, assuring of top quality service, free of any error or mistakes. He may also talk of the incentives he and his company may provide in case of the next deal being signed between the two.

The importance of ending it on a positive note is the fact that it will remove the hard feelings that may have developed from the previous mistake, plus leave good impression of the company and possibly set steps for future partnership with one another.


Directly TO the chief officer Marion Beattie.

I am writing to you on behalf of my company. First off, I will render the apologies for the miscalculation in the previous mail and I thereby notify you of change in the values standings.
I hope this would not deter you from partnership from us and we assure better services in future if the venture is being continued.

Part 3 :

I am writing this piece of mail as a progress report to you informing you about the progress and learning performed so far in the undertaken subject of Business communication. Which I had opted for, as an elective subject in the final semester of the course work.

Since you know that this is the last semester before going into the practical field, therefore getting a familiarity with subjects such as this allow a firm grip on the practical interpretations and working in real scenario. This was one of the purposes why I opted for this subject.

The subject enabled me understanding various facts and phenomena about business enterprises. As the name implies, it allowed me understanding the concept of communications pertinent to business functions and operations.

While communication is an essential part of any business, understanding the right kind of communication techniques is vital for business undertaking. Communication may be that of within the organization, inter departmental or outside the organization depending on the size, capacity and working of the company and its partners outside. The role of communication becomes ever so important in case of extended outside partners who make up for an extensive supply chain team.

Understanding businesses also means facing different scenarios and understanding the subsequent roles that one may be faced with during their job and profession. At one time, an individual might be under the guardianship of a manager and a leader, on others he may be assigned the duty of being a team lead, therefore getting a familiarity of different situations is also important. The scored attained were satisfactory as well, and the report card will be attached along with, which shows the marks attained in this subject (up till midterm exams, as the final is still pending), furthermore, in case any verification is needed, it can be done so from the main office and exams cell.

Business communication falls directly in line with the requirements of the job advertised where the given company seeks the support and duties of “communication officer”
I hereby request you to approve of this letter, sign it as a valid piece of writing, so that I can use it as a verified paper, attach it with my resume and post opening letter and use it as an evidence for the course undertaken. Hopefully this will allow them considering my case for standing eligible for the post advertised.

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