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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:30
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The client is young and naïve but exhibits concern and value for relationships. We recommend a Multi-Systemic Therapy approach. We recommend drug and alcohol therapy for Alcohol, THC and Marijuana use. She is to go through the complete Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) on a random basis throughout the period of her counselling sessions, failure to which will leave extension and increase in the number of sessions to the discretion of the examiner.

The client is to go through psychiatric counselling for the duration of the counselling period. For the duration of the psychiatric sessions, psychiatric evaluations will be carried out for a total of three times; at the beginning, middle and end of the period of the psychiatric counselling program.

We recommend that three counselling sessions be conducted with the family. The first session will be conducted with each family member alone with the examiner or counsellor. The other two will be a group therapy session involving all of the members of the family.
The client requires a legal counsel based on her current legal status. The client is to go through a complete walk through on the legal implication of the criminal history that is on her record. However, these sessions will not be in-depth or rigorous.

The client requires counselling on employment and career counselling. The sessions will be in-depth, open and informal. These career and employment counselling sessions will be sparsely spread out over the duration of the period of the MST plan.

The client will be given specific goal-oriented tasks relating to each area of the MST plan. The client is required to complete these given tasks to the satisfaction of the examiner. Failure to accomplish these tasks leaves the option of extension or increase of the number of sessions to the discretion of the examiner.

Justification for Recommendation of Treatment

The random Drug Abuse Screening Tests are meant to ensure the client does not slip into relapse in the use of Marijuana, THC and alcoholism. Even though the client maintains that she does not have any drug and alcohol abuse problem, this might be a defence mechanism and may possibly be denial to the fact that she might have such underlying problems.

The psychiatric counselling sessions and evaluations are meant to determine the purpose and reason for having little of a social life limited to family. The client may have underlying psychiatric and social problems owing to a possible history of bad social experiences with individuals beyond the family circle. There may be underlying trust issues. This is explained by the need to smoke marijuana for socializing purposes, which points to a possible desire to occasionally distance themselves from their true selves, assuming a personality that is not theirs.

The counselling session involving the family is meant to involve her support structure through the whole development process. The family appears to be her sole source of support and support structure. The single-family member counselling sessions is meant to get a better understanding of the relationship of the client with each family member and their perception of the client. The group therapy sessions are meant to help the whole family to share and expose any underlying issues based on the single-family member sessions. It is crucial for the success of the MST plan that all facets of her support structure be handled.
Legal counsel is meant to illuminate to the client, the legal implications of her current criminal record. The client showed apprehension and fear of the implications of her legal status. It is crucial that she understands what her options are and the best plausible legal actions she can take.

Employment and career counselling is vital to help the client discover her employment and career potential, likes and possible steps she can take to achieve her potential. This is also meant to help her set goals and targets to help gain some sense of direction career-wise.
The goal-oriented tasks are meant to gauge her responsiveness to the plan and program and track her progress in order to determine the need for further strategic steps required to ensure success of the MST plan.

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