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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:26
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Summary of Articles
The food industry has grown over time. The industrial revolution made an impressive mark on food production and consumption because of the sudden craze of urbanization. In the articles Food Industry: New Preservation Techniques by Giorgio Pedrocco and Pasta without Borders by Silvano Serventi and Francoise Sabban, it becomes clear that there was a spurt in the food production industry across the world beginning with pasta from Italy to the wide scale use of bread and wine across Europe.
Pasta is now is loved not only in Italy but also across the world if the statists of the production factories are anything to go by. The new world embraced pasta and it became part of their culinary tradition and they adopted the Italian model of its consumption. Serventi and Sabban address the issue of the spread of Pasta from Italy to the rest of the world and it is proving to be a delicacy in many countries in the world. Pedrocco, on the other hand shows how the preservation of food gained popularity and hoe it helped in solving the food crisis.
Pasta is very common and easily available and I can prepare it for my friends. I will go to the internet and get a pasta recipe, and then go on to prepare it. But then I would alter the recipe in a way that I can incorporate other foods to prove my culinary expertise. For instance, I can make tomato soup and incorporate dumplings, a specialty of Trinidad and Tobago and serve them together with egg pasta. I would specially do the pasta in the soup and the dumplings will be an accompaniment and I am sure they will enjoy the meal.
Works Cited
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