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Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:46
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Internet presence for any company is crucial in this information era. There is a need for any company that requires having online clients to develop a responsive website that will harness the online clients and make into use this untapped market. This process requires to be developed with the end user in mind. The developers of websites should understand the needs of the clients and how they can be reached for effective communication to be undertaken. This is the role that Design Geeks, Inc. plays in the development process of websites. We understand the clients and what the company needs to achieve with the website. We will learn the business model that is in existence and what needs to be achieved in this process.
The project will be the developments of a daily deals website for Diego Calvino company that will enable the company manage the daily operations that they undertake in a normal operation of the website. It is important to have a website that has this capability for easy management of the business processes and procedures. For this to be possible, there are features and capabilities that Design Geeks, Inc. will include in the website of the client company. These features will enable Calvino Diego to undertake their business effectively. The features have been designed to follow the current trends on the design of web applications and web capabilities. With extensive research and adherence to the current trends in web design, Design Geeks, Inc. will ensure that there are daily deals capabilities in the proposed website for the Diego Calvino website. The features that will be integrated to the website include:
Open and customizable code - The website will be built to have features that are portrayed in current business processes and e-commerce sites. One of the main features of the website is that of business deals capabilities. Apart from the normal information about the company and the background information about the company, there will be additional capabilities added to the website. There will be different web capabilities that will be integrated to the website which will enable the company have daily deals. For this to be possible, there are some features that will be integrated in the website. One feature that the website is to have an open and customizable code. This is a feature which makes the changes to the website easily undertaken. This is because of the fact that it will be able to get customized needs of the different clients who have different needs. The new capability is customizable so that the technical department of Diego’s company will be able to customize the main functionality. This is one of the most advanced features that are admirable with the proposed solution.
Capability to add more cities - There will be the addition of multiple cities with this proposal. This is an important aspect that is in tandem with the business needs. With this, the different cities that Calvino Diego company hopes to operate will be added to the website with ease. There is also the capability to add and remove the cities and locations where the products will be sold. This is an important capability that is being proposed. With this capability, the administrators and users will be able to add the cities where the product can be sold. The cities that the product will not be sold will be removed from the website.
Effective partner management - There is also the issue of partners and how they can be integrated in the management of the business. Balliro Commerce Group is the partner that the company will be working with. There is a need to have a way in which the two companies will be communicating. There will be the integration of the partner in the management of the company processes and operations. It will be simple to send reviews and download the sales data for analysis. This is an important feature that will be integrated to the company website.
Integration of flexible control panel - There will also be the integration of a control panel which is flexible. It is important to note that there are three people who will be accessing the website. There will be the administrators, the partners and the businesses. This means that there is a need to have a way in which these three groups will be managing the website control panel. There is a need to offer this kind of robustness and flexibility of the company website users.
Support of many languages - There is also another capability of multi-lingual support. With the future expansion of the company to other areas, there will be the need to support many languages. This is the feature that will be used by different clients. The tool will enable clients to choose from over 40+ languages. This is a capability that will be integrated in the website. They will also be able to select the common language that is used in business. This is a capability that will be done from the control panel of the website.
Additional widgets and tools - The last, but not least capability that will be integrated to the website is that of having widgets and add-ins. This is an important component as there will be times when the clients want to use such add-ins like Google maps. It is important to have these capabilities in website. This will be integrated to the website. It makes the use of the website simple and fun. The clients will be having all these capabilities under one site.
Projected cost
Cost is an important aspect of developing a website. This is because of the options that the company will be forced to take due to the cost. There are two options that have been proposed for the setting up and development of the website and business.
Initial setup costs
There will be the costs that will be met by the business during startup. These costs include licensing, hosting of the website, employee training, website design, and company registration. With this option, the company will be run by the partner company where all the operations will be handled by the partner. The partner company will manage the operations from their website. This means that the website of the company will not have enhanced capabilities that will enable sharing of information. This is the backdrop where this proposal is based.
Our suggested management option
Although there are other viable options, this is the option that is proposed by the company. This is where there will be payment of $20000 the first week as a deposit. There will be another payment of $10000 when the company website will be delivered. This will be after a period of one week. There will be $20000 cost if there will be major changes to the website. Extensive if it will take more than 140hours of development. There will be then the payment of $1000 per month for twelve months for updates, changes, and training. Design Geeks, Inc. can run the website on behalf of the client if that is acceptable. This is what Balliro does. Design Geeks, Inc. can also set up the business and run. With this option, the handover will be undertaken with the support of a dedicated staff from the company. Currently we are developing and managing a kid’s social site,, and it is working well.
With the development and the options available, there is a need to make considerations that will optimize the operations of the company. The suggestions that is made is to have the setup of the company and operations be done by Design Geeks, Inc. This will enable the company have a smooth handover. This is because there will be staff from Diego Calvino who will be present in the entire development phase of the website. With their presence, they will be part of the development process and thus will know how the website is run. In the long run this is cheaper because after sometime, the company will take over the management in a smooth way. This way, they will be able to manage their affairs. With the suggestions that were made by Calvino, it will mean that the partner will manage the business operations for longer periods and thus will be costly to the company.

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