Production And Procurement Management In Aviation Article Review Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:31
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Wesco Aircraft
Wesco aircraft, Valencia, is at the forefront in providing and distributing supply chain management solutions in the aerospace industry. In this regard, Wesco has the responsibility to produce and develop product and service solutions that meet the diverse demands that customers face. The company has approximately over 8,500 businesses in the commercial aerospace, ground vehicle and defense aerospace. The customer base also spans to industrial, repair and operations as well as the maintenance markets. The firm has the responsibility of ensuring that all components used in the industry is operational in most of the days and is only out for repair for a few times. The company also has to install a printer in the warehouse that ensures that all particulars that are required to be printed in the receipt appear. Recent developments have seen the company adopt a new printer that is up-to-date, and that helps the company in the daily operations.. The MP Compact 4Mark II has fulfilled the wishes of Wesco as it is ideal on on-demand training and comes in handy where the space is limited. Moreover, medial loading is boosted as levers can be operated single handily. In addition, the receipt can be accessed from the side or top of the printer. All the fitted printers have a one-year warranty and can be replaced free if the machine develops hitches before one year ends. The workers in Wesco are now demanding that the printers be installed to all as they prefer the new to the old, inefficient technology they used to print. Since the machines are used in the supply chain management department where packing of customers’ orders takes place, they have benefited the company as now work will be faster and swift.
Manufacturing and Logistics IT. (2014, October 9). Wesco Aircraft finds solution to its SKU-picking challenges with MP Compact4 Mark II portable printer from Datamax-O'Neil. Retrieved October 25, 2014, from

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