Positive Behavior Support: An Inclusion Strategy Course Work Samples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:39
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Positive behavior support is a form of management practitioner that is used to get information that maintains peoples, challenging attitudes or behavior. People around the globe, have varied behaviors either inherited or the ones that develop within them. The situation can be hard to correct because they are functional. There should be a framework to support those people with disabilities from an early age.

Positive behavior support is compatible with the system of discipline in that, the issues being brought up here is how to help and ensure those members of our community with various disability issues relate well with those who not handicapped. The issues here have been tackled well in our current society. There are schools that through the government policy or even private organizations and individuals have come up to help the disabled. These are schools for the blind, deaf, lame, and other institutions to help the disabled. There are professionals to offer support to this people. Through this initiative, the disabled are trained on various things to enable them learn and do various things that will help them share and relate with those who are not like them from the classroom to the community outside at large.

Positive behavior support is perceived as a long-term approach in ensuring that the unwanted behavior towards the disabled is minimized, and the disabled welcomed and accepted to the society and supported. Traditionally these people were taken as unwelcomed and outcasts in the community these have been changed by PBS approach. The factors that teachers should be willing to teach and train the disabled lay on a platform of Feasibility, desirability and effectiveness. These factors when followed, brings out a perfect inclusion to the children and men with disabilities to match with the rest who are not handicapped. In summary, positive behavior support is currently compatible with the discipline around issues surrounding the disabled.

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