Police Professionalism Case Studies Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:00
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Current pattern suggest that police may have to give more attention in engaging the public in a constructive dialogue to have influence and power. The police should position themselves to educate and lead community on security issues when they prefer or are needed to do so. With professionalism, the main fundamental obligation is to establish conducive environment for law enforcement where ethical behavior is supreme. Proactive, preventive measures may be enforced by the police thereby increasing community satisfaction and trust, therefore, eliminating the need for power or influence to enforce law. Professionalism creates an accessible and open process for accepting misbehavior complaints from citizens. Thorough and swift investigation of complaints from the citizens by a professional police may provide the facts needed to make informed and appropriate decisions on disciplinary action. Early systems of warning may help in the identification of potential problems, which can then help in designing appropriate counseling as well as training, consequently, rendering use of power useless in the police force. Professional police ensures well established interactions with the community members, informal leaders, elected leaders, core constituencies, as well as individual citizens. Whereas putting into practice strong internal affairs controls and procedures is significant, true community partnership involves continuous dialogue with members of the community. With is important component, the police does not need power and influence to enforce law. These relationships and processes are significant building blocks where trust may be built. Police professionalism help in building these bridges with the community, thus, need for addressing law enforcement issues does not require use of force. Police professionalism promotes a culture that neither tolerates misconduct nor allows misconduct when it happens.

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