Planning At The Westwind Resort Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:43:58
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Westwind Resort’s mission statement would be; the leading resort in providing fashion solution, accommodation, food and beverage service and sporting activities to our customers without any limits.
A mission statement should be developed with all stakeholders in an organization. In the case of Westwind Resort, the mission statement should have been developed by the involvement of the general manager Mr. Wendell, the managers and the board of directors working together to come with a desired mission statement (Planning at the Westwind Resort, 1). A mission statement should be reviewed by either the staff or board members so that an organization can move forward in growth.
The SWOT analysis can be used to develop a marketing plan by segmenting and targeting the metropolitan hub of more than 1500 customers (Planning at the Westwind Resort, 2). They can use their airport as a marketing strategy so that they receive families from all regions of the world and restructure and expand their recreational activities to meet the changing consumer needs and also neutralize the efforts of the competitors. They can all reshape their services; especially the lodge occupancy to address declined usage, and makes the lodge rates in line with inflation rates. Moreover, massive advertisements should be done during the ski season to maximize profits.
Wendell should develop a team to identify the main issues to address by the marketing plan (Planning at the Westwind Resort, 2). From the SWOT analysis, they should come up with marketing objectives and strategies. The objectives will help them be on track.
Marketing components that ought to be developed besides marketing objectives is a clear work plan with the resources needed to accomplish the tasks well defined. A monitoring and evaluation tool needs to be in place too (Planning at the Westwind Resort, 1).
Additional data vital for the success of market plan are audience needs, definition of market niche, build new relationships and enhance accountability.
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