Pareto Analysis Of Employee Turnover Course Work Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:32
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Q1. Prepare a Pareto Analysis Chart Using the Pareto Excel File (place this chart on the front of the page)

A1. Pareto Chart/Analysis of Employee Turnover

Q2. What specific recommendations would you make to the management based on the Pareto Analysis (place your recommendations on the front of the page)

A2. The recommendations are as follows:

- Firstly, human mind is like a black box i.e. totally unpredictable, hence, the management should always be prepared for anything that might come up, instead of believing that there exists a panacea for issues triggered by human behavior, and hence, searching for that solution.

- Secondly, despite this harsh truth about human behavior, no stone should be left unturned in designing the best policies and procedures, in terms of hiring the best talent and providing it the most conducive working environment. But, even after all this, there should be no reason to relax and expect a smooth ride.

- Thirdly, try maintaining as much psychological proximity with the staff as possible through frequent communication to not be in for surprises, and stay informed of their problems that might trigger such behavior on their part, so as to at least extend them some timely help and prevent such job hopping.

- Finally, soon after inducting and training a new employee, always prepare his replacement to face any such unforeseen happenings to avoid both additional hiring and training expenditure, along with a temporary decline in productivity, normally witnessed since a new hire takes his own time to become as efficient and productive as the exiting one.

Q3. A list of knowledge, skills, and abilities utilized in your preparation of the Pareto Analysis/recommendations, which you could demonstrate to the employer (place this list on the back of the page)

A3. Some of knowledge, skills, and abilities utilized in preparing the Pareto Analysis/recommendations are:

- Decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

- Proficiency in MS Excel and other software like MS Word, MS Project etc. due to that fact that nowadays everything is computerized

- A management background in terms of academic qualifications or professional experience or both.

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