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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:18
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Paper 1 Comments(a) To AuthorsThe literature details strategies in information sourcing for effective disaster management can be useful for avoiding future of loss of lives and damage to property. However, the facts presented are not sufficient to provide an overview of the mitigation approaches to tackling natural calamities when they occur.(b) To Program CommitteeThe article is informative and provides insightful information that can be helpful in sourcing information through crowdsourcing approaches discussed. Such data can be effective in the management of natural calamities in order to save life and property.Paper 2 Comments(c) To AuthorThe language used in the paper is neither too technical nor is it simple, it provides a sense of professionalism in addressing the topic. Moreover, the discussion details all relevant aspects of technological advancements that make it quite informative on the topic regarding computers’ relevance in research for the healthcare sector.(d) To Program CommitteeInformation detailed in the review is substantive although it lacks a sense of direction and focus. To effectively utilize the paper actual research needs to be conducted to produce useful information.Paper 3 Comments(e) To the AuthorThe article addresses pertinent concerns in regards to improvement of computer technologies for voice recognition. However, the paper lacks a distinct niche approach to the problem statement as it is based on improving the technology for noise reduction to enhance voice recognition. Khan must consider focusing on a voice reduction technology as the gist of the paper.(f) To Program CommitteeThe paper is informative although it could use improvement in terms of topic focus where the problem statement should explore a particular method of noise reduction in computerized voice recognition technologies.Paper 4 Comments (g) To the AuthorThe language used in the article is quite technical and a full jargon, subsequently, the paper is quite difficult to read and understand especially by a layman. Similarly, the use of abbreviations without displaying their meanings also makes readability difficult.(h) To the Program CommitteeThe paper is informative although it lacks the aspect of usefulness beyond experts in the field. A more simplified version of the paper can enhance readability.

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