Organizational Structure Of Mycare Healthcare Organization Case Studies Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:51
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Organization and Management of a Health Care Facility
While providing quality patient care has always been an essential objective of health care organizations, fiscal results have long been the criteria for measuring success. Hospitals are required to construct the authority abilities required to drive change, manage individuals, give optimal care, and provide results in the organization.
The Board of Directors in Mycare Health Services is the hospital’s most senior managerial team. It is answerable for designing and planning policy and monitoring management. Members of the Board of Directors are the public representatives, and are hired by a public organization owned by a retired judge. One-third of the Board's members are delegated by the General Federation of Labor once their capabilities and qualifications have been affirmed by the general public body. Furthermore, Mycare's Director General operates as a Member based on his position. Mycare's Board of Directors assembles once every month.
Primary Responsibilities of members and their subordinates:
- Plans and approves Mycare's managerial, budgeting and healthcare services.
- Assigns the Director General, decides the term of his employment and tenure.
- Approves the Director General's suggestions for designations of senior officeholders.
- Approves the Director General's suggestions/ proposals for Mycare's work plans.
- Approves Mycare's funding and financial statements.
- Approves the organizational model of management and its essential units.
- Appoints Mycare's internal auditing function, defines its format, budget, and organization, and sanctions the auditor’s s yearly internal audit plan.
Mycare Hospital's statement of purpose:
Hospital’s Goal: To enhance the health of the communities it serves
What the organization does: delivers a wide range of top quality services
How the organization does it: with sensitivity to the patients’ needs along with their families’.
Globally, there has always been a close link between medical technology management or clinical engineering and healthcare facility management or facility engineering. Commonly, these two functions reside in the same a segment of the organizational structure, often with clinical engineering closely associated with facility engineering. In different facilities, clinical engineering is located at different places organizationally, usually associated with the IT program. Notwithstanding the organizational structure, experts in clinical engineering and healthcare facility management must cooperate to give a protected and viable environment for patient care. To cultivate this cooperation, clinical engineering experts should comprehend the fundamentals of healthcare facility management. The goal of MyCare hospital is to take care of the aforementioned issues to provide quality services t patients (LEED, 2011).
As far as managerial issues are concerned, empowered customers, quick development and expanding competition are amongst the top issues regarding the management of hospitals in healthcare sector. Following are the issues.
1. Organizations reconsider their roles in the new healthcare economy
2. Corporate funds overrun health venture capital space.
3. Employers investigate private trades
4. Industry grabs the pace of value transparency
5. Social, mobile, cloud and analytics come together
6. Technology is said to be the new workforce multiplier
7. Twenty-first century instruments and tools revive clinical trials
8. For true innovation, fail fast, frequently and economically.
9. States engage in Medicaid managed long-term care
10. New rules combat fake drugs.
Following are the steps to address legal and ethical issues in a health care policy:
- A thorough survey and investigation of the economic, political, ethical and legal dimensions of a public health policy must be conducted.
- Analyze and assess health data and information concerning particular public health policy issues.
- Generate and examine policy choices for public health and health services
- Application of "system thinking " to public health and organizational practice and policies
- Applying standards and techniques for strategic planning, budgeting and management of public health and organizations and delivery frameworks.
- Measuring the organizational structures, obligations, and values of key stakeholders, such as non-governmental and governmental organizations, in planning and assessing health policy choices.
Recruitment and Retention plan:
Arranging and Preparation is the most paramount element for guaranteeing a fruitful recruitment exertion. It is additionally the part regularly disregarded. Numerous healing centers and groups bounce into the recruitment process with little readiness. Regularly this results from shock at the sudden misfortune of an essential consideration supplier. Clinics that hop into recruitment normally invest more cash and time on recruitment and revel in less maintenance accomplishment than those that get ready and deliberately look for the right competitor. Likewise, astonish at the departure of a supplier regularly demonstrates an absence of dynamic maintenance engineering exertions.
A cautioning sign recommending absence of planning for recruitment happens when the first venture to supplant a supplier is setting an ad in a national diary or enlisting a recruitment firm. This technique is generally unreasonable and regularly incapable. The accompanying six steps in arranging and planning for recruitment will help you keep away from shocks and behavior an inquiry that is less unreasonable and more successful (University of Virginia, 2014).
Step 1: Assess your requirement for an essential consideration supplier: doctor, doctor colleague or attendant specialist.
Step 2: Gain help for enrolling an alternate essential care supplier.
Step 3: Form a group based recruitment group and make assignments.
Step 4: Define your practice good fortune.
Step 5: Define the "perfect' applicant for your clinic and group.
Step 6: Develop a recruitment plan.
Enrolling Plan: Hamilton started a significant selecting fight by posting employment opportunities on a national site and in addition their healing center site (which incorporates an on-line provision) and creating and mailing an enlisting handout to all Rns in the state. What's more, the doctor's facility started paying new worker movement costs and created and executed representative distinguishment, administrator preparing, and representative referral projects. The clinic offers a credit pardoning plan to current workers who are intrigued by considering for another vocation in a calling that is troublesome to enlist and fill.
Maintenance Plan: The healing facility publishes financial data every month for employees to survey and holds quarterly gatherings for updating representatives about current problems influencing the organization. The healing centre provides an option booking program wherein representatives can work a set of weekend movements (four out of five or seven out of eight weekends) requested by workers and, depending on the bundle, will accept 135 % to 155 % of payout. In case a clinical executive is called into withdraw a three day weekend, they are reimbursed with "Vacation day Premium Pay." Likewise, the clinic incurs costs for proceeding training and affirmation classes (AKHS Kenya).
Keys to Successful Recruitment
- Adequate Preparation
- Sufficient Recruitment Budget: Process and Compensation
- Action Plan (with assignments and deadlines)
- Continuity of Effort: Persistence
- Community and Medical Staff Support and Involvement
- Adequate Human Resources
- Optimism
- Realistic Expectations in terms of time and competition
MyCare Hospital also offers tuition reimbursement to every worker. The employees are compensated on the basis of the grades they earn, such as receiving 100 % reimbursement for an A, 85 % for a B, and 65% percent for a C. A worker should work with MyCare hospital for two years to be qualified for the program or receive a waiver if the position the worker desires is difficult to fill. Participants in the program should make a work commitment between 1.5 years and five years, as per their tuition costs. Workers have been taking advantage of this scheme for their careers to progress in a broad array of areas from ultrasonography, radiologic technology, business administration, registered nursing, information systems, and health information technology degrees.
Train From Within: MyCare healthcare organization has launched four internal curriculums for nurses, scrub technicians, recreation technologists, and phlebotomists. The program comprises of core orientation, a multi-media academic training program, and clinical training session with a mentor.
Outreach Programs Through Accredited Universities: The hospital has contracts with many local and state schools for offering clinical rotations for students. These schools cover study subjects like CT mammography, radiologic technology, imaging, and nursing.
When you start accepting reactions to your limited time endeavors, you will need to track the competitor's advancement through your recruitment process. The reason for following is to abstain from letting an excess of time slip by between contacts with the competitor until your work with the hopeful is closed. If there is too much time lapse, another community will surely appoint the candidate first. One basic approach to track every applicant's advancement is to utilize a graph like this one underneath. The graph can let you know initially the status of every competitor in the recruitment prepare, the last time contact was made with the applicant, and the candidate’s source (Metasys, 2009).
Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) are a pivotal component of the healthcare team who conduct diagnostic imaging tests and administer radiation therapy treatments. On achieving a college-level degree in CMA-accredited education program which includes both didactic and clinical components, graduates are well equipped with the application of advanced imaging and therapeutic technologies. MRTs have studied anatomy, examination techniques, patient positioning, radiation safety, equipment protocols, radiation protection and patient care. On completing their formal education, they are then eligible to apply for the national certification examination sponsored by the CAMRT, to specialize in one or more of the four fields of medical imaging and radiation science: radiation therapy, general radiography, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance imaging. MRTs of MyCare hospital maintain a balance between technical skills and knowledge and adaptive patient skills.
Alongside, a technology contractor can be the single point of contact to identify needs, prioritize investments, and coordinate the installation and integration of the technology systems within the hospital. This may include a converged IT network supporting facility, clinical, and business oriented services. Direct discussions will minimize unnecessary duplication, schedule delays, and excessive expenditure, whilst facilitating the operations and maintenance of the network.
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