Opportunity Journal 5 Legal And IP Issues Business Plan Sample

Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:53
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Aussie Dishes is the name that we will give to our visionary business. The restaurant will predominantly serve Australian traditional foods. The business will operate under Aussie Dishes LLC – a limited liability company. This is because, as indicated earlier, I will need to bring on board people with different backgrounds to complement each other’s skills and experience. For example, the business will require a partner with sales experience, accounting experience and catering experience. Therefore, a limited liability company would be more ideal than a sole proprietorship.
Aussie Dishes will start by patenting its domain name. The business will also patent some of its food recipes. For example, food recipes made exclusively by Aussie Dishes will need to be patented.
Some “trade secrets” of Aussie dishes will need to be protected. For example, some signature recipes provided exclusively by Aussie Dishes will need to be protected. This will be done by obtaining a patent for those specific recipes. In addition, the company’s revenue structure will also need to be protected. This will be done by singing non-disclosure agreements with workers and business partners.
Our business logo will be protected by applying for trademark protection. We believe that the business logo reflects the core values of the business, and represents something unique about the business. Therefore, the business logo needs to be protected under the trademark protection.
Aussie Dishes will seek international IP protection. This is because we believe that our business product is unique, and no one should use our domain name and recipes without our direct consent. We do not want anything that compromises the good name of business, and will not allow individuals or groups to use our business name anywhere in the world without being subjected to the standards that we need to maintain.

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