Office Communications Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:43:29
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What are some of the communication problems?
Some of the problems in this communication include misunderstanding and distraction barriers to effective communication. While Cathy is seeking to complete her work and compile the report to present at the meeting, Joe is busy diverting her attention toward a game that she seems uninterested in it. Joe is changing the topic of the discussion and ignoring the official meeting. The other problems is the medium used in the communication channel. Cathy sent Joe messages in his e-mail, which he confesses that he does not frequently check.
What should Cathy do? What do you think Joe will do?
Cathy should send printed copies to Joe since he claims that he does not prefer e-mails. She should also dismiss Joe from his office since she had better things to do than discuss a league game. I think Joe will have to read printed documents and understand that Cathy needs his contribution to the report.
How could Cathy and Joe have handled this situation better?
I think that Joe should have submitted his contribution to the report in order to assist Cathy to complete her report, and then find some time to discuss sports outside the office or after completing office work. Additionally, Instead of ignoring Joe’s concern in the first instance, Cathy should have clarified to him that she was not in the mood to join his discussion. By ignoring him and responding with contradicting answers, Joe does not understand that Cathy does not wish to discuss such matters at that time.
What could have been done to prevent the communication problem between Cathy and Joe?
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