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Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:50
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The first amendment gives the citizens the freedom of expressions, assembly, religions, and the right to petition the government at any level. It also prevents the congress from promotion of any religion over the others and restricting any person from religious practices. It also holds that the congress ought to promote media rights and as such shall not restrict the press or an individual from speaking freely. It is imperative that the first amendment gives the citizens blanket protection from many issues that affect the people direct.
Interpretation of the first amendment has proved to be controversial. As it has been witnessed, burning the USA flag as symbol of protest is protected by the first amendment. I agree with this fact since burning the flag sends a strong message of protest against what maybe deemed wrong. The burning of the flag in itself does not cause any harm to the person, unless the fire leads to destruction of property. All forms of petitions, that do not cause harm to others are not limited, and therefore, burning the flag is right.
On the other hand, lying about a political opponent or about military honors brings in a different perspective. Whereas the freedom of speech ought to be upheld all the time, I disagree with lies about political opponents. In my opinion, the freedom of speech should not extent to lying. An individual should have no right to malicious lie about others; doing so is unethical and immoral. On this basis, therefore, there should be a limit on the first amendment such that all parties are protected. Issues that do not agree with the universal moral laws ought to be struck off, or made clear on the application of the first amendment.

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