New York University Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:28
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Admission Essay
There are a plethora of reasons why I would like to study at NYU; between the university’s campus, culture, curriculum and faculty, I believe that NYU can provide me with the education I am looking for. Currently, I attend JP Stevens High in Edison, NJ, set to graduate in June of 2014. For the Liberal Studies Core Program I get the chance to study abroad my freshmen year. My first choice was London; I have been there before and I love the culture. My second choice is Paris, which I’ve never traveled to, the third is Florence for its lovely landscapes. The last, however, is New York, because that’s where I want to spend the rest of my days – I love that city, and firmly believe I have a lot to offer it.
NYU’s campus and opportunities also flatter my more adventurous side. I consider myself to be an adventurous person; my family has taken me through cross-country road trips, driven through inland Alaska, and I traveled on my own often as a child. I am always looking for new cultures, sights and experiences, and I believe NYU can provide them to me. In addition to my adventures in traveling, I am extremely active in my home of Edison; I am Vice President and Treasurer of my region's Red Cross Youth Council, and president of my school's National Honor Society. Among my hobbies are varying sports; I play varsity lacrosse, and was crowned MVP for JV in my sophomore year of high school. I sing in my school’s chamber choir, and have reached all state and all eastern choir throughout my career. Through these accomplishments and more, I hope to demonstrate a willingness to try new things and the ability to excel at them.
The biggest draw to NYU for me, is the city itself; I love New York City’s diverse mix of cultures, as well as its constant unpredictability. Despite this, my academic and professional goals are quite clear, and I am dedicated to them. I wish to apply as a Neural Science major; I believe it is vital to understand the brain and how it works, and so I believe I have much to offer in that field. During the summer of my freshmen year, I visited a school for autistic children in Chennai, India, giving me experience with neurological disorders and how they affect people. This also gave me the passion to research them, as I understand the difficulties and frustrations that come with these disorders. I have been to CTY neuroscience seminars, taken neuropsycholoy classes at Oxford University over the summer (Oxtrad Academic Programs) and more. I have performed other types of research in my current studies, so I am familiar with research procedures and the scientific method, and am experienced with lab techniques that have given me an enthusiasm for research as a practice. Given NYU’s prestigious Neural Science program, I hope to gain the experience and skills needed to contribute to this vital field of research.
For these reasons and more, I would love to attend NYU. The university itself would place me in one of the best cities in the world, give me the chance to take on new adventures and experiences, and test my dedication to the tasks I set out to accomplish. The Neural Science program is a perfect fit for an ambitious student who wishes to research the brain, and who is looking forward to bringing the knowledge gleaned from that program into a practical setting. With the help of NYU, I believe I will be able to take my next steps as a researcher and student.

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