New York Pizza And Pasta Report Analysis Case Study Samples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:59
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Performing internal and externals analyses on a New York Pizza and Pasta is essential as it enables the researcher identify various issues that have enabled the company to succeed and outline areas that can be improved. The step to carry out both internals and eternal analyses is also important as it create highlight market structure and opportunities and company potentiality as a way of determining the way forward for the company’s operations. The analysis conducted has touched on all aspects pertaining porter’s five forces and the SWOT analysis. In addition, the company history is analyzed making it easy to understand the company environment, strategies and past success and failures.
The report has presented the analysis in a systematic manner that makes it easy to read and understand as they have tackled each analysis factor in a separate section. All aspects are also addressed in detail thus providing a clear picture of the internal business operations and the structure of the current market that the business is serving. However, the analysis especially on consumer bargaining power is not presented clearly does not focus solely on the role of consumers in influencing particular change in the company’s policy but it has rather focused on impact of changes in demand by the suppliers. Also the opportunities section has addressed roughly on the untapped market but the author also identifies the company’s unique pizzas as an opportunity but this is more of an organization’s strength.
The analyzed issues have played a crucial role in identification of three main strategic alternatives that could aid the company expand business operations to the existing and potential customers who are mostly college students and residents around Norman area. These include retaining of the current strategy, expanding the business to another location and improving marketing plans. The outlined alternatives are also will presented whilst weighing the pros and cons associated with adoption of each strategy. This makes it easier to weigh the benefits of each presented strategies and how it could benefit the company. However the marketing strategy is only focusing on the use of social media as the main marketing method. It is essential to outline other alternative marketing methods that the company could use and then adopt the best choice from these alternatives.
In justifying the best alternatives, the authors have outlined the effectiveness social media marketing in terms of zero cost usage and the extent to which potential customers are using social media in their daily life. There is a detailed explanation of how to make the customers like or follow the company’s page and subsequently making the company’s products known through the word of mouth to friends and families. This does not however provide a concrete competitive strategy as it is worthy to note that almost all the companies are currently using social media to reach their potential customers.
The implementation stage also detailed as it has outlined the process of creating the page and posting the ads and products’ pictures by a specific person. The require implementation timeline is also outlined giving making it easy to estimate how long it might take to receive customer reactions. However worthy to note that not all those who like the page are willing to buy the products. It is also advisable to highlight strategies that will make the social media adverts more appealing and unique as compared to those of competitors. The flow of the report is generally appealing as there are minimum grammar and spelling related issues. I would however recommend reduction in wordiness especially in pages 9 and 10 as including long definitions and explanations hides the main point.
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