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Published: 2021-06-21 23:37:26
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Buzzle. Negative Effects of Television. 2013. 14th October 2013 .

These days, many people are glued to television in search of entertainment to kill their state of boredom. They include people of all ages ranging from small children to adults. The truth is that televisions are a major source of mental stress rather than being a stress buster. In short, televisions have severe negative effects on the minds of the viewers.
Time wastage is one of the key negative effects. A lot of precious time is wasted on television, which could have been spent in a more productive way. Time spent in activities such as reading or exercise is far much productive than sitting to watch television. Spending time with close people such as friends and relatives is a better time expenditure than in watching Television.

Children are also affected at large. Rather than engaging in physical activities such as playing, they spend most of their time watching their favorite programs. Playing with friends will improve their health especially their eyesight. According to the experts, physical activities are essential for the healthy growth in every child.

According to researchers, spending a lot of time in television results in attention deficit disorder in young children. This affects the major part of the brain that is responsible for language skills. A degree of concentration reduces in children who spent more time in watching television than reading. Thus, children who spend long hours watching television tend to loose attention due to this kind of disorder. This may further lead to kid being uncreative.

Companies tend to reach their customers via advertisements in television. If viewing is not controlled, kids may have a wrong perception of what is being advertised. A good example is an advertisement of sugary food and other unhealthy meals. This may lead to the kid craving for the same, and it is not healthy for the kids. Other scenes might only be intended for adult viewers only, thus developing a negative influence in the kid viewer.

According to a study in psychology, Horror scenes such as ghosts and other frightful scenes featured in television leaves a long-lasting impact in the viewer’s mind. This may lead to a negative psychological impact hence affecting their emotions.

Spending a lot of time in television makes children and young stars crave for riches and fame. This effect is known to exist in viewers who spend their time watching favorite shows and films. They make the world they live in appear boring which might lead to committing suicide.

WordPress. Popular Culture. 2013. 14th October 2013 .

According to the survey conducted by Girl Scouts, reality television shows have a negative impact on the viewers. Study has shown that reality shows make violence, gossiping, and other negative behaviors to appear normal. The girls who spend their time watching reality shows are the main victims. It makes them gossipers, competitive and catty to one another, as well as being violent in their relationships.

Form the shows such as “Love Game, Bad Girls Need Love Too”, the title is enough to portray women negatively. It might be exciting to the show makers, but poses a very negative influence to the end viewers. This also gives young girls silly ideas making them adopt silly behaviors such as gossiping, dating, as well as fighting over boys. Time wastage is the end result.

Reality shows intend to inspire the viewers more negatively than positively. This may lead to serious repercussions in young girls who are supposed to be working hard in order to be useful to the society.

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